Do you remember Amazon Go? The new automated shopping system that allows people to buy without waiting on a row. And without having to pay in cash too! It was announced a few years ago and certainly surprised us all. However, earlier this year Microsoft announced that it would do the same.

Microsoft vs Amazon Go: Competing with automated stores

In the past, we had the opportunity to tell you about Amazon Go. A new and ingenious automated shopping system that allows endless things. The main one is to going shopping and buy groceries without waiting on a row or paying cash. Namely, you simply take what you need and leave the store because the payment is made automatically.

This service’s pitch video makes it very clear how it works. Seeing it for the first time makes us feel like we’re entering the future. But apparently not everyone wants Amazon to be the exclusive pioneer of this technology. Since Microsoft announced at the beginning of 2018 that it would start creating its own.

Microsoft Autonomous Check-out
Microsoft announced in June this year that it was developing an autonomous check-out technology to compete with Amazon Go. Source: Microsoft News

However, Microsoft doesn’t seek to compete with Amazon Go directly. They’re developing this technology to sell it to retail stores and third parties. So they can compete against Amazon Go instead. The technology that will be used by the company founded by Bill Gates will be more or less similar to that of Amazon.

It’s known that it’ll require a smartphone and that it’ll be linked to cloud services. Which control the physical and virtual shopping cart. This technology won’t be exactly the same as Amazon’s, but it’s known that it’ll be born from a motion detector.

Microsoft’s plans with this technology

Microsoft recently developed an initiative called Project Kinect for Azure. It’s thought that the company will use this same technology to implement it in the “cashier-less stores” that it seeks to create. But instead of using hundreds of roof cameras like Amazon, it’ll place shopping cart cameras.

We known that the company hired a computer vision specialist from Amazon Go to help with the development. Since it seems more versatile and practical, some expect Microsoft’s automated purchasing technology to be more profitable. But that remains to be seen.

Microsoft Technology Retailers
An article by Forbes points out that what Microsoft does will benefit retail stores a lot. Because they wouldn’t have to buy the technology from Amazon Go, its competitor. Source: MarketScale

One of the things that attracts the most attention is the possible clients Microsoft is looking for. An article by La Vanguardia explains that the company is already doing business with Walmart. Who could do great competition to Amazon if they came to acquire this technology.

Likewise, Microsoft seeks to do business with other retail stores such as Walmart. It should be noted that Microsoft and Amazon are actively competing in both the area of ​​artificial intelligence and that of cloud computing. Both technologies are used for the creation of stores without cashiers.

Cloud Computing Business
Cloud computing is the basis of technology for automated stores. Google and Microsoft were the ones who began to develop it. Source: Analytics Insight

Even though Microsoft is doing its best to emerge, Amazon continues to improve its own technology. Now they’re looking for computers to be able to identify activities and objects without needing to provide a lot of information. It remains to be seen how both companies work in automating purchases.

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