In the world there are a variety of ways to make something known. As an entrepreneur or dreamer, introducing a crowdfunding campaign is what we want to aspire to. And strange as it may seem, the Internet or social networks aren’t the only means available to do so. There are several other means to promote a campaign. And today you’ll know which they are.

Introducing your crowdfunding campaign

Today we want to point out that there are different ways to introduce and present your crowdfunding campaign. By this we mean that you can do it not only through social networks. It’s important to know other means where you can find people who can give a contribution to your campaign. Today we’ll tell you 5 of them:

1. Spread your campaign with instant messaging or email

You have several means available to do so. One of them is WhatsApp, a platform that allows you to share instant messages with several people at once. In one of the campaigns of our platform this technique was used with positive results.

With email, you can send messages to contact lists or use email marketing services such as MailChimp.

2. Share your campaign with real-life people

It’s mainly at your discretion how you would like to do it. But if you want some ideas, you can start with the easiest way to reach your acquaintances, friends and family: social networks. Although if you want something different, you can hold a conference or make a presentation of your campaign in a place with people who can spread it or contribute to it.

3. Approach the media, if your campaign allows it

If it’s a product, service or some creation of yours, it has more journalistic value. But if it’s a campaign with a personal cause or that involves a loved one, you may want to be more cautious to avoid exposing yourself too much. Search for media, writers or journalists who would be interested in reviewing and writing about your crowdfunding campaign.

4. Promote your campaign outside the Internet

You can organize an event where you invite people so you can talk to them about your campaign. From something simple like a meeting or talk between you and your community to something bigger like a presentation or press conference as we mentioned earlier. Choose how far you want to go and gather the right people to tell them about your proposal.

Another thing, you can record a video of the event or broadcast it live with Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. And then share those videos on your campaign’s page or social networks.

5. If you’re still not convinced… Play it safe

Use the basic promotion techniques that most people use: social networks and content marketing. When it comes to social networks, you can use the ones you want but remember not only to post content and go. You must stay active and interact with your audience. And create content about your campaign that you can share with others.

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Take advantage of the method benefits you the most!