Who does not like music? Or better yet, who does not like live music? In Spain came an application that promises to give you to talk for a good while. This is Acqustic, an application for music and music lovers that allows you to attend secret concerts.

This application allows you to find concerts in any type of place, it can be a garden, a house, even in a planetarium you just have to be surprised by the locations offered by  Acqustic.

All this is because the platform allows music lovers, musicians with contractors to perform their concerts. In other words, if you have a café or a garage and you want a concert, you just have to find the agenda of musicians registered with Acqustic and they will play their music and bring your event to life.

Meet Acqustic, The Airbnb For Music Fans 1

Where the idea was born

Acqustic was born in 2017 by the hand and work of Esteve Lombarte, who one day was on a barbecue with a partner, while a guitarist added music to the environment … There he came up with the great Acqustic thing that would be to bring music any type of space .

The founder defines his proposal as “a platform to contract concerts in any type of space: the living room of your house, the garden, a bar, a festival … We like to say that we take music to homes, gardens and stages”.

So far the application has more than 400 musicians of different genres on its website, adding another 500 that are waiting to enter, and there are many musicians who want to appear on this platform.

Meet Acqustic, The Airbnb For Music Fans 2
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How does it work?

For customers, the operation is very simple. With a registered account you have access to a list of musicians of different genres and styles, hire them and can enjoy live music, yes, the price of the artist may vary depending on the distance of the location, if the space is more than 50 kilometers from the artist’s place, the client must a little more than the price prescribed.

For the musicians, the process is different, the artist must fill out a form where you request that your musical project appear, if the creators are interested they will be called in a 48 hour process to record with them a video in their studio to publish it on the platform . The good thing is that the production of the video is completely free.

In fact, the platform has the feature of showing black and white videos of the artists’ favorite themes. All these subjects are recorded in La Capsa de Trons, an important sound and light company recognized in Catalonia for working with important national bands.

Acqustic continues to expand throughout Spain, and we look forward to its expansion to the entire world and to Latin America. And is that in his native country has been a total success raising 100,000 euros in its first round of investment, according to the newspaper El Referente.

This shows how through technology you can find alternatives to collaborate with musicians, entrepreneurs, innovators, among others. Everything is a matter of solidarity. We also have a way to collaborate with artists, find out by clicking here.

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Acqustic, live music where you least expect it!