Did you think that marketing was exclusive to only sell products and services? You haven’t seen anything. Since more time than you imagine, people have used it to obtain success in crowdfunding. For that reason we went through the trouble of gathering some marketing strategies that’ll allow you to reach your goal. They used them for business, and you can used them too!

4 marketing strategies to boost your campaign

Companies and businesses use marketing mainly to understand the market. To know how to address their customers, which is the best way to get to know them and call their attention. The same applies for crowdfunding because we understand that we must persuade people in some way. We have 4 marketing strategies that you can apply for your benefit:

1. Content marketing

This is one of the most used strategies. And one of the most effective. It’s about creating content that’s interesting for your backers. And that’s especially relevant to your campaign. How can you do it? However you want. You can make a blog, create personalized posts in social media o prepare press releases. The possibilities are wide: videos, podcasts, eBooks, posts… Any type of publication either digital or printed.

Blogs are the ones used mostly because not only do they allow you to make posts about your campaign. But also links to it that readers can access to look at it. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to content about your idea. Talk about how you came up with it, the story, curious details… And updated about how it’s progressing. Get encouraged to create your own blog or your own posts in social media. Write creatively and sincerely!

2. Have a Facebook account

Why specifically Facebook when there’s so many social networks? Well, the majority of businesses focus in this specific social network. Since their target audiences are very active there, the chances of finding people are very high. Whether you use your own account or one appointed for the campaign, it’s important that it’s kept active. You can use it to create the community of people that will support you.

It allows you to share all kinds of content: activities, pictures, videos, events, and etcetera. In Facebook, people also have the chance to talk to you in a more casual way. Asking questions, making comments, opinions, anyway, interacting with you. It’s also a good place to post updates and blog entries. Having a Facebook account and presenting yourself openly gives more security to the people.

3. Loyalty of backers

According to an investigation from Harvard Business Review, acquiring a customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than keeping an existing one. Therefore, companies usually prioritize creating a group of customers loyal to their brand. In your case, you must create a community of people that are willing to support you. Long before beginning your campaign. Think about it as “assuring contributions” from the very start.

To achieve this, you must analyze who your contributors are. It’s easier to determine this when your campaign is to finance a product or service. Because you know how to establish a concrete target audience. For more personal campaigns, you must start earn the loyalty of your friends and family. And through them, succeed in going further by resorting to factors such as the perks or emotionality.

4. Sending out emails

In other places you’ll see this strategy is referred to as “email marketing”. And to tell the truth, this is perhaps the most important out of the bunch. Why? Because after applying the previous strategies, this one will allow you to maintain your backers. And the email is the perfect tool to do it. After the first contribution, you can send out a thank-you email to the person and inviting them to keep tabs on it.

Make sure, if possible, to obtain a mailing list of your backers. You can do that through a landing page, for example. That way you can then send out emails to your backers about campaign updates. With new perks, interesting contents, thank-you messages, invitations for them to share your content… Among many other things.

There are a large variety of marketing strategies, some of them can be applied in crowdfunding. In this case, we give you 4 of them that are greatly effective for a campaign. We invite you to investigate on your own and corroborate the effectiveness of these strategies. If you’re not sure about how to carry them out, we invite you to keep reading our blog for more info or investigate in the matter.

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Don’t underestimate marketing, use it well!