Although a crowdfunding campaign does not need large investments, if it requires a good budget to be able to carry out events, rewards, advertising among others. However, if your capital is very short, here are some tips for a low budget crowdfunding campaign.

A painful truth is that to make money you have to spend money, this is the investment. Many entrepreneurs, including many campaign leaders, do not want to accept the reality that they have to make an investment in rewards and marketing to have more patrons. They ignore the benefits they can bring.

But everything is about risk, in addition, there are currently many ways to promote a campaign with little budget, so your capital will not be so affected. Here we present some ideas.

Handmade Rewards

A good reward are the crafts that remain as a small souvenir for the contributors. Objects such as bookmarks, mugs, flannels and other promotional materials are very useful to convince donors.

If you are not so good at crafts, you can ask your friends to help you and have a good time creating the rewards of your campaign.

Tips For a Low Budget Crowdfunding Campaign 1

Guerrilla marketing

If you have a local initiative, this can be a good strategy to roll the voice of your campaign. Think of the streets and busiest areas of your city and distribute flyers or stickers that promote your crowdfunding campaign.

Remember that offline strategies are just as important as online to get patrons.

Tips For a Low Budget Crowdfunding Campaign 2

Facebook Ads and other advertising platforms


Paying publications is a good strategy to generate traffic and otherwise you can think, are quite accessible, also effective. The best thing is that they will generate good rewards for your crowdfunding campaign.

Another feature of these ads, whether on Facebook, Google or Instagram, is that they are quite flexible: you can choose the exposure periods, the number of people you want to reach and the amount you want to pay.

Tips For a Low Budget Crowdfunding Campaign 3

Organize an event

As we said before, offline promotion is as important as online. Here you can use your creativity to organize an event in order to raise funds for your initiative.

This type of events also works to network and detect those people who can donate to your crowdfunding campaign or can help you promoting the initiative in social networks.

Tips For a Low Budget Crowdfunding Campaign 4

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a good strategy because it serves as a memo to your followers about the crowdfunding campaign. It also serves to spread the content of your blog and the progress of your initiative.

If you want to know the correct strategies you can read this entry.

Tips For a Low Budget Crowdfunding Campaign 5

Carrying out a crowdfunding campaign is hard work, but if you gather your family and friends to help you and be your team, it will be much easier to reach the goal. Also, having a team that supports you is the best you can have if you face a tight budget.