Creating a clothing brand is not an easy task, since it requires funds for production, brand registration, among others. Crowdfunding is to support fashion designers. An alternative so that they can get funds.

If crowdfunding helps create products like a smart watch or a board game, it can also help create a clothing brand for any emerging designer.

The garments can be of all kinds from handmade shoes to some innovative jacket. The best thing about this is that we can fill the fashion market with out of the ordinary garments that are exclusive. Let’s see some of these products

Finally! Women’s pants with pockets

They are pants designed for an active life, that is, for women who have a busy life and want to be comfortable for all the events of their lives. The best thing about these jeans is that they have practical pockets! Something that many women ask when buying pants.

Jeans also promise to be flexible and waterproof, which makes it an incredible clothing proposal.

The project requested $ 15,000 and so far has raised $ 19,773 to make her feminine pants with practical pockets.

Clothing brands financed with crowdfunding 1

Vegan shoes, ecologically friendly

Currently there is a trend to acquire products that are environmentally friendly. These shoes were created with cotton and organic materials that are free of animals. That is, they are against all types of animal abuse.

Slowers Shoes presented their crowdfunding project with a goal of 7,000 euros and could exceed this figure by collecting 7,766 euros through 84 collaborators.

Clothing brands financed with crowdfunding 2

A Multitasking jacket

At first glance it’s an ordinary jacket, but it has more functions than you can imagine. This jacket is very useful if you have many trips to do or just like to have everything at your fingertips. Well, this jacket has all kinds of compartments for you to keep lenses, tablets, smartphones and others.

This jacket is called Baubax and it is the garment that most patron has collected through crowdfunding. This idea collected almost 10 million dollars through 44,494 investors.

Clothing brands financed with crowdfunding 3

This shows that if you have an innovative idea through clothing design you can finance it through crowdfunding and have the necessary resources to see your dream come true.

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Finances innovative clothes with crowdfunding