One way to get funds for any initiative is through crowdfunding, since it was popularized in 2008, every time many entrepreneurs decide to publish their products on these platforms, but the best thing is not the money raised but the lessons that are learned.

Since the crowdfunding platforms exist, thousands of projects have been promoted, for example, through Kickstarter, more than 118,000 US projects have been financed since its creation, according to Forbes magazine. Now Solidaridad Latina seeks to promote entrepreneurship in the Latin American region.

But, to be successful in crowdfunding it is not enough to upload the idea to the platform, it takes a lot of dedication and strategy. Those who have participated in this type of financing have many things to advise if you want to create a crowdfunding campaign.

Lessons About Crowdfunding: What Can We Learn? 1

The importance of planning

That this type of financing is different, does not mean that it does not require planning, on the contrary, it is advised that you have at least one month of planning before starting the campaign. Moreover, there have been campaigns that have taken much longer to publish and the results are positive.

As an example, we can point out the Hello Ruby campaign, a book that taught children the principles of programming. In this case, Michelle Miller points out that her success was due to the fact that the creator of the campaign, Linda Liukas, was given several conferences for 3 years promoting her product.

Lessons About Crowdfunding: What Can We Learn? 2

Sell ​YOUR  dream

When a crowdfunding campaign starts, more than selling a product, a dream is sold and people donate to make that dream come true, this is the reflection of Benjamin Pommeraud after creating one of the first crowdfunding campaigns to finance his short film Demain la Veille, it is worth noting that this was the first time that a film was financed through donations.

Storytelling is a technique that engages any type of audience. People like to hear a story that has a happy ending and if they can be part of that ending, it’s much better. That is why it is necessary to create a message that inspires the community to collaborate with the initiative.

Lessons About Crowdfunding: What Can We Learn? 3

Divide the market

Segmenting the market is something that can never be lacking in any type of business, always in need to detect a community that identifies with your idea, in addition, to be clear who would be what they are willing to collaborate with your venture or foundation.

An example of this was the initiative of the San Miguel school, a low-income institution in Washington DC, which managed to increase its quality through crowdfunding. This was achieved because it identified two essential groups in its campaign: current donors and potential donors. . Then, they were in charge of making different messages for the two types of groups.

Lessons About Crowdfunding: What Can We Learn? 4

Communicate your campaign

How can others know how great your idea is if you do not communicate it? Sharing through social networks your campaign is important to reach the goal. Remember to talk with your friends and family so that they also promote the initiative in their social networks, the more, the better.

Ellas2, a consultancy for women’s digital entrepreneurship, recommends that while your community is sentimentally involved, they will be more committed to sharing the campaign and collaborating with you to achieve the goal. Even contacting an influencer can greatly boost the promotion of your campaign and if you do not know how to contact him, here’s how.

Lessons About Crowdfunding: What Can We Learn? 5

In Latin America there are many possibilities to promote entrepreneurship through crowdfunding, you just have to learn the strategies necessary to succeed in it. Once the creators of the campaign have internalized these lessons, there are many more possibilities to succeed, you just have to dare.

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