Beyond the business concept, a leader is the one who leads a movement or a group of people, therefore it is the task of bringing this group of people to the common goal. The type of leadership focuses on how this leader exercises control over a team.

It is not enough to define a boss as a bad boss or a good boss to judge his work as a leader. There are leaderships that are positive or necessary in certain environments or with certain classes of people, while other types of leaders may be negative for certain purposes. Everything is about analyzing very well the advantages and disadvantages of each type of leadership.

Once you have clear the characteristics of the different leadership you will be able to know which one you are and which one is the best for your project.

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The main types of leadership

It should be noted that there are many types of leaders, even some theory typify around 15 leadership classes. However today we will review 5 classifications of this:

Autocratic Leadership

This type of leader makes decisions without taking into account the rest of the team, here the workers have no choice but to comply with the orders of their superior, this can cause employees to feel inferior or feel little emotional connection with the organization. This kind of management is used less and less.

However, when making quick decisions or focusing on productivity, you need an autocratic leader to exert the necessary team pressure.

Learn what the types of leaders are. What are you? 2

Transactional Leadership

This is based on constantly encouraging the team as long as they show their productivity at work, that is, workers receive awards for their work performance, these awards motivate them to realize the company’s objectives.

Transactional leadership works best in times of stability, sometimes it can become very predictable and stop working in times of crisis.

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Transformational Leadership

This type of leader is in constant communication with their employees, in this way they can give new directions to the company and motivate their employees to achieve the desired results. These leaders generally earn the admiration and respect of their followers.

Like transactional leadership, the transformational leader can be counterproductive at times of critique in which quick decisions need to be made.

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Participatory or democratic leadership

This class of leaders is characterized by encouraging the participation of the entire project, thus generating enthusiasm throughout the team. Here the opinions of the whole world are taken into account to make the final decisions.

However, the problem with this type of leadership is that there may be disagreements in the team that are very difficult to reconcile, so it can take a long time to find a solution that pleases all parties.

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Laissez-Faire Leadership

The term comes from the French expression that means to let it be and is used to describe teams that work on their own. Here the boss or leader does not give many indications because he trusts that his team knows what to do. However, this type of leadership is not recommended for employees with little experience or with little self-management capacity.

To get the best out of this way of leading, you have to constantly monitor the activities and communicate to the team all the existing advances.

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As we said earlier, there are certain types of leaders who are more feasible at certain times than others, but this does not necessarily mean that they are a bad boss or a bad leader. We remember that leaders are people who, like any human, can make mistakes. So they do not deserve to be judged.

If you are in some of these leaders is a good sign, however it would be good to take characteristics of other types of leadership that can benefit the team.

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