Women are known for being avid entrepreneurs when they commit themselves to it. And in Latin America, this initiative is often seen in a surprising way. Since Latin American women have turned a craft into a business: chocolate. And that is how they’re starting to rival some local companies.

Latin American women doing business with chocolate

In the Latin American continent, business has been done with chocolate since immemorial times. In past decades, women took an occupation that consisted of grinding cocoa seeds that were going to be turned into chocolate. Or rather, organic chocolate. Produced through the sowing and harvesting of cocoa.

This practice has been in Latin America for many years, as far as 2003 in Costa Rica. Specifically in the town of Shiroles, in the Cordillera de Salamanca. Where indigenous people maintained the tradition of producing chocolate. During that year that business ended up in the hands of indigenous women becoming a company.

It was possible to know this through a press release from the Costa Rican newspaper La Nación, which tells us about this fact. Explaining that the chocolate produced by the hands of these enterprising women is 100% natural and made through their great effort. And as we said before, it’s a tradition that their indigenous ancestors carried out for decades.

Like in this Costa Rican town, other women in Latin America have created this tradition of chocolate. And like the indigenous women of Shiroles, they’ve managed to turn chocolate into a business that allows them to earn enough money to support their families. Since it’s quite profitable.

Tsirushka Chocolate Indigenous Women
A package of “Tsirushka” (a word from the indigenous Bribri language meaning “chocolate”). Which contains organic cocoa made by indigenous women from the town of Shiroles, in Talamanca, Costa Rica. Source: 10Best.com

Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic

These countries also house women who’ve turned chocolate into a business. In Mexico, the Amuzgo women of the municipality of Xochistlahuaca in the state of Guerrero, are behind the creation of a handmade chocolate that’s sold in different states of this country. According to news of the Mexican newspaper De10, which explains that this organic chocolate is called “Taxua”.

Venezuela is not far behind, in this land of the most recognized women entrepreneurs of chocolate in her country was born. And it’s about María Fernanda Di Giacobbe, known as “The Cocoa Ambassador”. Since she was the founder of KAKAO, a company that empowered other Venezuelan women through their chocolate-making skills.

Moving to Peru, we learn that the Tocache chocolate-maker women have been producing this tasty delicacy for some time. Through the Asociación de Mujeres Chocolateras of Nuevo Bambamarca – Tocache and its president, the Peruvian chocolate-maker Nudith Vásquez. In this association, women are taught to be independent to sustain their homes through the production of chocolate.

chocolate maker women peru
Nudith Vásquez produces and sells chocolates in San Martín with the help of women specialized in handling cocoa. Source: Pinterest

And finally, we take a leap to the Dominican Republic, where now women become entrepreneurs. All thanks to the management of the chocolate company Chocal (Chocolate de la Cuenca de Altamira). Here it’s possible to see the industrialization of cocoa turned into chocolate through the hands of Dominican women.

Chocolate has been giving jobs to Latin American women for centuries. In many countries of this continent it has become a tradition that continues today. It has even allowed many of them to live on and support their families in times of crisis. Without a doubt, chocolate equals female empowerment in Latin America.

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Long live the chocolate-maker women of Latin America!