The advantage of creating companies is that employment opportunities are generated and the quality of life of a community can be improved through a product. That is what the venture brings to any part of the world, even for Latin America.

The scene of entrepreneurship and startups has grown throughout the continent, promoting cases that are worthy of recognition, both inside and within the region. The road is hopeful, according to LAVCA, Latin American investors have nurtured the market by making investments, these investments gather more than 2.3 trillion dollars to feed different businesses.

That is why we must highlight the success of these large Latin American companies. These are some of the most notable startups, according to Natan Lusting’s blog.

Open English

It was popularized for its fun commercials, but in reality it is the largest online portal for learning English in the region that operates 24 hours a day. It was founded in 2006 by the Venezuelan Andres Moreno who now became a local celebrity for his brilliance at the time of undertaking.

It currently has more than 500,000 students in more than 40 countries. In addition, it is one of the companies that most invests in star-ups in the region.

The Largest Ventures in Latin America 1

This web page is the solution to schedule and pay for your next vacation trip. Currently, it is the fifth most popular digital travel agency in the world and last year it collected 332 million dollars. According to País Diario, has offices in 20 countries and has a turnover of 4,000 million dollars.

It originated in Argentina, but already has an international projection provided tourism and entertainment service.

The Largest Ventures in Latin America 2


This company is responsible for generating mobile content, that is, it works developing commerce and logistics platforms for smartphones or tablets. It started operations from Brazil in 1998 and has become an example of a technology company in Latin America.

Among its most popular applications are Play Kids, Super Player and iFood, all quite popular apps in Apple and Android stores.

The Largest Ventures in Latin America 3

Yellow Pepper

A pioneer fintech in the region. It stands out for being the first Latin American company that is committed to mobile banking. With the rise of platforms such as PayPal, its creator saw an opportunity that could be applied in the region. And he was right, since now he operates perfectly in countries like Colombia, Ecuador. Peru and Mexico.

Yellow Peper users generate 36 million monthly transactions, according to Mexican newspaper El Dictamen.

The Largest Ventures in Latin America 4


This is a Brazilian e-commerce specialized in sports and entertainment. Its importance lies in the fact that it is the representative of the NBA in the continent, it is also responsible for the management of virtual stores of major brands such as Puma, Timberland and Fascar.

It was founded in 2000 as a physical store by Marcio Kumruian and in 2007 he migrated to digital platforms.

The Largest Ventures in Latin America 5

Mercado Libre

Undoubtedly, Mercado Libre, is the largest e-commerce in Latin America, the freedom it gives you to sell products and services is a point that plays in your favor. It should be noted that he currently works in 18 Latin American countries. His success story is hopeful and you can know it by clicking here.

According to the Natan Lusting website, it currently has a capital of 14.08 billion dollars. Incredible, isn´t it?

The Largest Ventures in Latin America 6

In addition to the success of these companies, they are quite supportive of other startups, since several of them have large investments in emerging entrepreneurs, which reflects a great spirit of collaboration among Latin Americans.

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