There is a lot of talk about entrepreneurs as people capable of creating new businesses, but little is said about the workers who are capable of innovating in their work environment, this is what is currently called intrapreneurs and maybe that is what your business needs.

According to the IEBS Business School, an intrapreneur could be defined as a committed employee who is willing to contribute ideas and undertake within the company to add value and help achieve business objectives.

In short, the intrapreneurs are the example that you do not need to create new business to be recognized as an entrepreneur, if you are able to develop your creativity for your company that says a lot about your ability to innovate. Even, it is also said that intrapreneurs have a lot of potential to be business managers.

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What characterizes an intrapreneur?

Many companies are already looking for this type of profile, for example, Google employees in their offices devote 20% of their day to discover other ways to improve the company and innovate. Among the traits of an intrapreneur is perseverance, pro activity, knowledge and teamwork.

The intrapreneur is happy in his work

These types of people are passionate and feel happy working on what they like. This is a source to motivate them to add value to the company and help meet the objectives of an organization.

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They have leadership capacity

As they are proactive and enjoy teamwork, they have leader wood, this is very useful when it comes to organizing internal business projects. Even the rest of the team tend to place a lot of trust in this type of person, becoming a benchmark for the company and then potential executives.

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They are constantly learning

Intrapreneurs are always looking for new experiences, because they love knowledge. That’s why they like to be up to date with information on where the market is going. This type of people are people who are restless, they attend fairs, exhibitions, meetings or any type of training related to their field of work.

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On the other hand, companies must also create the propitious scenario so that this type of people can develop, for this the work environment must be flexible and constantly presenting new challenges to their employees.

An intrapreneur can find new solutions for the company in which he works, so they always add value wherever they go.

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Intrapreneurs are the innovators of companies