When we hear the word entrepreneur we imagine a man in a jacket and tie, but the reality is that entrepreneurs can also wear a skirt.

Thank God we live in modern times and not in the nineteenth century when women were treated as a zero to the left. Now, they have the right to study and vote and even represent roles that were previously exclusive to men, such as an astronaut or a doctor and the business world is not exempt from enterprising women.

5 Keys To Entrepreneurship In Women 1

The number of women entrepreneurs, although it is not greater than that of men, if it is quite something, since, as shown by the figures of Global Entrepreneurship, of the people who undertake 40% are women and 60% are Men, however, the most interesting thing about this figure is that analysts say that star-ups directed by women are more solid and more successful than men. Curious, is not it?

A woman leading her own business is nothing special, so the paradigm that only men take money home is a thing of the past. For these reasons we show you 5 keys to entrepreneurship in women.

Fight against gender roles

The first thing that is needed is to forget gender roles, the woman must forget that it only serves to pay bills and take care of children. Many women refrain from undertaking because they believe that the profile of the entrepreneur is something associated with men.

In reality, women have many more qualities than men that make them a better leader. Verónica Ruiz del Viso, an example of an enterprising woman, explains that women are more empathetic, which gives them a vision to detect needs and want to make a better world, as well as being much safer, they analyze their environment well in order to have more accurate decisions in your business.

Business woman

Distribute the duties of the home

This goes hand in hand with the first point. For example, if you are a mother or wife and you want to forget about gender roles, you should be able to delegate activities to the father of the family: let them take the children to school from time to time. Many women distrust their husbands believing them incapable of doing household chores, but if they do not delegate they will never have the time and energy necessary to start a business.

Schools can also collaborate in this process. The marketing director of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, María Jesús Luengo, believes that “The lack of entrepreneurial culture in women must be solved from the educational system. An education that equitably distributes the burdens between men and women. ”

Mother dutties

But the most important thing about this is that, by daring as a woman, a positive example is being given to our sons and daughters. Think about it. What better example to give to your children than self-improvement?

Convince yourself

They say that the worst enemy is oneself. Something similar happens when a woman wants to learn, that she does not believe herself capable of realizing her dream. The worst that can happen is that they feel less for being a woman. But if they are convinced that their venture will be successful, they will go very far with their new business

In short, we should not see entrepreneurship as a matter of gender, but rather as a matter of goals and opportunities. If you are a woman and you are reading this article, remember that all the obstacles to undertake can be overcome, you just have to have much more confidence in yourself.

5 Keys To Entrepreneurship In Women 2

Dare to be a Fearless Woman!

Staying quiet is the worst thing that can be done when you want to be taken into account. If you have an idea that can improve the world or so be the community in which you live that you do not feel sorry for sharing that idea with the world.

Remember that, first of all, we are human, so DO NOT be afraid to ask for help or advice at the moment of wanting to start a campaign and not knowing how (in this we can help you).

Help Woman


The Importance Of Collaboration

Women have the disadvantage of being selfish with each other, but this, for the sake of women’s entrepreneurship, has to change! If you are a woman remember to support other ventures led by women. Not only do you support because you are your peers, remember that one of the keys to success is to support other people.

One of the most beautiful things about entrepreneurship is to create links and communities, that is why, through collaboration, you can create positive ties that boost your business and that of many of your friends. It is necessary to empower women entrepreneurs to have a positive change in society.

Femenine Collaboration

Entrepreneurship will always bring benefits to the communities in which it develops. For many women who have already undertaken it is a pleasure to be a generator of jobs in their region.

Therefore, if you are a woman and you wish to undertake visualize your best virtues, think about who you can be as a leader in the impact you can generate in your community, so you will be closer to realizing your dreams.

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