As a social network, Instagram is popular for being ideal for visual content. With regard to images, photographs, videos, etc. This makes it a perfect marketing tool. But one might ask, could Instagram be used to promote a crowdfunding campaign? We say yes.

Using Instagram to promote a crowdfunding campaign

It’s often said that Facebook is all that’s needed to promote a crowdfunding campaign. However, Instagram has more than 800 million users. And a lot of tools to get exposure and promote whatever you want. How not to consider that this social network is useful for crowdfunding? We’ll explain how you can use Instagram to promote your campaign.

It allows you to create engagement with your community

One of the great advantages of Instagram is that it allows you to make engagement. Which basically consists in interacting with your audience directly. The good thing about this is that you demonstrate your humanity. Part of it arises when you post content and people respond. And when you receive private messages (PMs) too. So don’t forget to talk with people and answer questions and doubts.

how to make engagement instagram crowdfunding
Making engagement doesn’t mean just tagging your posts with hashtags. Tag users, show content that makes them want to say something about it. Source: Marketing Mag

Sharing your campaign

As you already know, Instagram doesn’t allow you to leave URLs in the posts you make. Which could seem like a disadvantage. This has a solution: Instagram Stories. First of all, you must make sure that in your profile’s description, there’s an appropriate link to your campaign (customized or shortened). In case you didn’t know, Instagram allows businesses and companies to post links in the stories.

use links instagram stories crowdfunding
You can insert links to your campaign or other websites relevant to your campaign through Instagram Stories. When people slide down, they’ll be taken there. Source: Kim Garst

Post relevant content strategically

Images and photographs are good for getting likes and comments. But don’t just post for the sake of it. Define what type of content fits your audience most. For example, videos are a good way to show everyone and talk about your campaign. The images and photos allow you to show the progress of your campaign. And if possible, determine which are the best moments to publish content.

content in instagram crowdfunding
Videos generate a lot of engagement on Instagram. Even more than static images. Source: The Verge

Hashtags and Instagram Stories

These are two indispensable tools to promote your crowdfunding campaign. Let’s start with hashtags, words followed by the numeral symbol (#) and a keyword or key phrase. Through them you can make people find your campaign, so try to use hashtags relevant to it. On the other hand, there’s Instagram Stories. Through this function you can share the progress of your campaign.

tags instagram stories crowdfunding
Hashtags will help you make your campaign visible on Instagram. Instagram Stories allows you to engage and show updates on your campaign as well. Source: Mobile Zone

It’s not necessary that you exploit all the tools and functions that Instagram has. But if those that you’ll need and that adapt more to your campaign. If you’re interested, Instagram has functions aimed at companies and businesses that you might want to observe. Either way, using this social network the way you need will undoubtedly help you to promote your campaign and receive contributions.

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