Through the digital devices we generate information at every moment, enough data to create a tower of DVD’s from here to the moon, explains the company International Business Machine. But what to do with all this information? Big Data has the answer.

Surely you wonder What is Big Data?

It is a massive data set so large that it can not be stored in the traditional way, new procedures are required to be able to share them, structure them and, most importantly, analyze them. These data are generated when we use the web, when we click on certain or when we browse social networks. That’s why we say that we live in a society that is constantly generating information.

Through Big Data you can study the behavior of cybernauts, which helps large companies to study and analyze the characteristics of this new highly digitized society.

The Great Influence of Big Data in Business 1

Decision making

Before the companies made their decisions based on financial reports, but now a text with numerical figures are not enough to understand the success of a company, that’s when the Big Data analysis can benefit in the decision making of a company. The advantage is that the study of these data can give you information about the tastes and preferences of your consumers.

According to Forbes magazine, companies know more about us than we think. And it is not coincidence, because the better the customer is known, the more advantages and services can be offered that will make them stick with the brand.

The Great Influence of Big Data in Business 2

We must remember that the application of technology is a requirement for a successful company, at least through the website or social networks of a company can be analyzed to customers, that is, Big Data seeks to use web traffic and Interaction in social networks to generate information about customers.

Improves and facilitates processes

Through the analysis of big data can be made more accurate conclusions of the financial status of the company, keep a count of how customers behave, to determine the efficiency of the company’s machinery.

As we explained earlier, technology has a lot of influence in the business world, so much so that it can simplify processes that would have taken hours, even days, before. The magazine Dinero, points as an example, to the case of Vlip, a platform that allows customers of a restaurant to pay an account without having to call the waiter or stand at the table, everything is done through Bluetooth and mobile applications. This is an example of how to use Big Data.

It can even be used for internal processes of human resources and work environment. With Big Data, filters can be generated that help to select new personnel in a way that helps to find the most suitable profiles for the job. In addition, it can detect which are the spaces or the conditions in which the worker is more efficient.

The Great Influence of Big Data in Business 3

It should be noted that there is no point in having a superb flow of information if it is not put to good use. The proliferation of data should not be a bad thing, but an opportunity for companies to generate new studies and analyzes that help them to promote themselves as a brand.

Through the web you can say a lot about how customers behave and customer information is what every company needs to connect with their consumers. That determines success.

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Big Data is the new trend of business