How many aspects have we said are important in a crowdfunding campaign? The description, the rewards, the promotion, etc. You’ve heard us talk about all this to the point of exhaustion. However, another factor that can determine your success is reputation. In what sense? Today we’re going to explain it.

The reputation of a crowdfunding campaign’s creator

Reputation is defined as the opinion, consideration or esteem that someone has about something or someone. Sources indicate that this concept closely resembles that of prestige and fame. Each person within society is known for the actions and works they perform. Whether they’re good or bad. It happens in the business world and therefore also in the crowdfunding world.

When someone creates a crowdfunding campaign for the first time, they begin to build a reputation before everyone. If the crowdfunding campaign is publicly exposed, people won’t analyze it alone. They’ll also analyze the creator. And they’ll see what kind of person they are. We aren’t saying each person will take the trouble to search you in social media and see what kind of person you are (although it may happen). But in one way or another, you’ll be evaluated.

Aspects that people could evaluate in you

As a campaign creator, there are some aspects that people will evaluate about you. And by the way, there’s a line between your campaign’s reputation and your reputation as an individual. The first thing that people will evaluate in you is if you’re a responsible person. After all, you’re the one who commits to carry out a project if you receive the money for it. In this case, your contributors will see if you comply with what you promise.

It’s dangerous to have had several crowdfunding campaigns where you haven’t been responsible with the delivery of rewards. Or where it’s perceived that you weren’t honest or that you lied about something in particular. An example is what happened with the Skarp Laser Razor campaign, a low power laser razor. Which ended up being suspended by apparently not providing a functional prototype of the product.

skarp kickstarter failure
According to some sources, the creators of Skarp would have had a history of irresponsibility. Which would have caused their first campaign to be canceled. Source: The Verge

Interestingly, the team behind this razor launched another campaign and raised money again. But now its creators have a bad reputation on the Internet. With accusations that their final product doesn’t work as it’s said it should. This is just an example. People aren’t limited to assessing your responsibility. But also the circumstances that surround you, in case they’re known.

To present this example, we’ll talk about the campaign of Gia Giudice, daughter of the American television personality Teresa Giudice. In 2014, while being just 13 years old, she wanted to finance the creation of a music video for her band 3KT. Everything might have gone well but for one thing: her parents were about to be sent to prison on various charges. And this influenced the subsequent failure of her campaign.

Gia Giudice Crowdfunding Failure
The failure of Gia Giudice’s campaign wasn’t exclusively her fault. But it was affected by the circumstances surrounding her parents at that time. Source: Reality Tea

“But if I raise money it doesn’t matter, right?”

Not necessarily. A campaign like Skarp, despite being accused of being a scam, managed to create a solid community through various marketing tactics. You can decide to do the same, take the risk and get the money. But assuming that you didn’t manage to build a community, in that case you would end up badly. You’d be less likely to be successful in future crowdfunding campaigns.

Your reputation also implies your past. Or rather, knowledge. The things that people around you know about you. If you’re known for telling lies, being dishonest or corrupt or having committed a bad action, this’ll also affect the performance of your campaign. It doesn’t mean that you won’t receive contributions. But people will think twice before giving you money.

bad reputation consequences crowdfunding
Your reputation generates opinions and opinions can spread like wildfire. Have the courage to rectify some mistake publicly if necessary. Source: SEO for Growth

Finally, imagine the opposite case: you enjoy a good reputation. You’ve done several crowdfunding campaigns in the past and you’re known to be responsible and honest. The results are totally different, you increase your chances of succeeding in the future even more. And at the same time, you maintain a good and positive image before everyone. Keep in mind that your reputation as a person will influence the results.

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Take good care of your reputation!