In books there are stories, in the movies there are stories, in the series there are stories, and even in crowdfunding there are stories and that having a good story to tell is the best way to succeed in your discovery. That’s where the importance of storytelling comes from.

But all these. What is storytelling? According to Vanacco “Storytelling is the art of telling a story presenting it in such a way that it generates in listeners the capacity to internalize it, understand it and create a personal meaning from it”

And who does not like a good story? We have to remember that since we are little we are in contact with fables and stories that impress us and remain forever in our memory. Well, there is the key to a good story: to stay in our thoughts forever.

Discover the importance of Storytelling for your campaign 1

The importance of Storytelling

Currently, advertising teams seek to create new stories to sell their products in a way that generates emotions and connect with the concept of the brand, as the book says “Storytelling for success” if there is no story, no business.

In the case of crowdfunding must take into account that the goal of the narrative is to make the reader understand the objectives of your campaign and generate engagement with your community so you must know how to do this storytelling very well.

Remember that words are not the only method to tell a story, you can also do it through images and even with a creative video. Any of the three forms is totally valid with such and apply all the creativity that is needed.

Discover the importance of Storytelling for your campaign 2

What you can not miss in your story is the surprise factor, that turning point that will surprise your audience. The example of turning point par excellence is that of star wars when Darth Vader tells Luke Skywalker: I am your father. There’s the surprise in storytelling.

3 Steps to create storytelling


This is the beginning of your story, here you have to make sure you attract the attention of the audience, it can be through intrigue, drama or curiosity. Take advantage of this stage of the story to present the protagonist and what you want to do.

The knot

In the knot pose the problems that your protagonist has to reach the goal, that is, all the obstacles that may arise. In this part you can keep the intrigue to present the turning point that we had talked about before.


This is the opportunity to provide an unexpected end and say the benefits of your campaign. Through this part you will have the opportunity to call your community to action, in order to provide a message that your followers will never forget.

Discover the importance of Storytelling for your campaign 3

Example of these three steps:

  1. Joaquin is a boy who walks barefoot day and night through the streets of Buenos Aires. The years go by, he becomes a teenager and continues barefoot, wishing that a charitable soul would give him a pair of shoes.
  2. Unfortunately, he never gets that pair of shoes but if he gets a job as a shoemaker, in a shoe store. Little by little he gathers enough money to buy his first pair of shoes and has never felt so happy. That day that young man undertook to create a foundation that would provide shoes to any barefoot boy from Buenos Aires.
  3. And that is the reason that brings us here today, because that young man was me. And today I ask you to give a small donation to my campaign, so that together we can achieve that there are fewer barefoot children in the streets of Buenos Aires.

You see? It is very easy to form an attractive story for a crowdfunding campaign, just look for the style that best fits the personality of your idea and develop that incredible story!

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