Do you have a non-profit foundation? Maybe you’re struggling to find the funds, so today we bring you a list of creative ideas to collect the capital your nonprofit project needs.

The capital of a foundation can come from many people: from strategic alliances, sponsorship or donations from large companies. But it is much more special when its capital comes from the charity of many people.

Approaching your community and allowing donations from your followers can boost your initiative, but the key is to have creative ideas that attract attention to your campaign, here we will give you some ideas that you can use.

Our favorite idea: Crowdfunding

Our main proposal is collective financing or popularly called crowdfunding. Using this method can be very effective, but it is not magic. You have to use the right strategies to publicize your campaign through social networks.

To raise the amount of the goal you must have content that generates engagement with your project and a creative video that shows how your foundation can help the community. This way you will get all the contributions you need.

Ideas to raise money for a non-profit project 1

Original events

Another strategy to get the attention of your community is to organize an event but this one must be original and attractive. Gathering your community in one place allows you to be aware of your project and the problem you want to solve, and also allows you to be a leader within a group of people.

Think about what kind of event your community would like and get down to work on organizing it. Some events you could do are:

  • A marathon
  • A band battle
  • A talent show
  • A food or dessert bazaar
  • A cinephorus
  • Until a party!

Ideas to raise money for a non-profit project 2

And if you mix the two: Success assured

Although both are good strategies, together they are better. Even a very smart strategy to have a successful crowdfunding campaign is offline promotion, where events are your best friends. As we explained earlier, the events help you locate the people you want to reach. It makes it easier for you to influence them.

We admire the work of those who have a non-profit project, so we advise you with these tips so you can realize your dreams. Remember that if you want to carry out your crowdfunding campaign you can count on us and support you in all the content we have for you.


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Raise funds through an event and crowdfunding