We have already talked about how useful crowdfunding can be to finance different types of projects, but if you are still not sure, here is a list of incredible ideas that can be financed with crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a way to finance projects in which anyone can participate, from your family and friends to a whole support community, you just have to know how to connect with your audience. For example, all kinds of ideas are welcome on our platform.

It does not matter if you have a large or small project, you can count on the help of collective financing to raise funds for your idea. Now what kind of ideas can be financed with crowdfunding?

Solidarity Causes

The aims of solidarity are some of the most common in crowdfunding. These types of campaigns allow you to help a community that needs it, you can raise funds to gather food or basic resources to improve the quality of life of several people.

One example is this campaign aimed at combating childhood malnutrition in Ethiopia, which was driven by a nurse named Leire, whose goal was to raise funds to provide balanced meals in specialized centers for children in the area. The contributors can collaborate from 5 euros, there is also a calendar for those who donate 10 euros or more.

Incredible Ideas That Can Be Financed With Crowdfunding 1
Children of the Leire campaign. Photo: Kukumiku

The campaign of Leire has raised 10203 euros through 506 patrons.

Craft projects

If crafts are your thing, in crowdfunding there is space for you. From craft beers to products made with crochet, this kind of ideas have a place in collective financing platforms

For example, Alexandra Smithson weaves little bunnies that serve as toy stuffed animals. His crowdfunding campaign doubled the goal by collecting 1,719 pounds of 800 pounds.

Incredible Ideas That Can Be Financed With Crowdfunding 2

Travel and Adventures

Do you need to finance a trip? No problem, you can present a good story and explain why you need to finance your trip through a crowdfunding campaign and get the funds you need.

David Miller wants to make a detail for his friend Sarah, who suffers from cancer, so she thought of raising funds so Sarah can travel with her children to Disney and have the vacation of their dreams. The campaign called SendSarahKiddies2Disney has raised $ 11,025.

Incredible Ideas That Can Be Financed With Crowdfunding 3
Sarah is always there for her children. Photo: Fundmytravel

Movies and Short Films

Even filmmakers have an opportunity in crowdfunding. The collective financing allows the fans of the seventh art to collaborate with the production of their favorite works, this helps that the independent cinema obtains funds to be able to be realized.

For example Alex Leal finances his own film through collective financing, his project called Autonomy is about a young man who wants to impress his mother with his musical career. The campaign has already raised $ 1,239 to cover the logistics costs of production.

Incredible Ideas That Can Be Financed With Crowdfunding 4

For bands or musicians

The musicians are the pioneers in using crowdfunding and can still finance their projects through this method, for example, it is quite common to raise capital for the production of records or to make a tour.

Katie Thompson is a talented singer-songwriter who funded her third studio album thanks to her community that donated to her crowdfunding campaign. So he collected $ 17,676 to make his third album come true.

Incredible Ideas That Can Be Financed With Crowdfunding 5
Katie Thompson relies on her community to fund her project. Source: Indiegogo

And there are many more ideas that can be financed with crowdfunding, you just have to put your creativity to fly.

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