There is a lot of talk about crowdfunding, but we do not know for sure which are the ideas that best suit this type of financing. So, can any idea be successful through crowdfunding?

A crowdfunding is not as simple as it seems, it is a process that involves much study, analysis, knowing how to present a product that make an engagement in the masses … and above all, a lot of passion, you must put your body and soul if you want your campaign financing is successful.

Bankable Ideas

We believe that innovative ideas are the most successful in the market of star-ups. However, having a creative idea is not everything: you also need a business plan and a community that supports you.

The first thing you should do if your idea is fundable with crowdfunding, ask yourself the following questions:

Is my idea innovative?

Nobody likes a mainstream product, or at least nobody would be impacted by something that has nothing innovative about it. In fact, the idea of ​​crowdfunding is to present a unique idea and those who collaborate with these campaigns are looking for novelty. So make sure your product has an innovative feature that stands from the crowd.

Remember that good entrepreneurs are assertive, but most of all they are original.

Are All Ideas Bankable With Crowdfunding? 1

Am I able to connect with my collaborators?

At first you will have your family and friends to give you a little boost in your financing, but then you must start looking for a network of people that would engage with your business proposal.

As we already said, having a good idea is not enough. Crowdfunding platforms serve to connect those interested in an idea with its creator.

Our advice is that you know how to locate potential collaborators, for example, if your star-up is about technology, the best thing you can do is approach forums that speak of the same thing. Spreading your campaign with the right people is key to the success of your financing.

Are All Ideas Bankable With Crowdfunding? 2

Do I have something to offer my collaborators and investors?

What you can never miss is to have a strategy that re-enumerates the collaborators that contributed something to your campaign. One of the principles is that investors get something in return, whether it’s a thank you, new products or discounts at a store.

Do not forget that one of the most beautiful things about crowd funding is that both you and your collaborators are won. You will fulfill your dreams while the community that collaborates with you will have much more than a simple product. You will feel part of a family.

Give Crowdfunding

Do I have a community that supports me?

Before starting your crowfunding you must make sure that there is a group of people or a community that supports you with your idea. A good community, in the network or whatever means, is one that is an active part of your project, idea, product or service. It is the one from which you receive feedback and the one that admires, appreciates or enjoys your work.

Crowd funding should feel collaborative, as if all the people, as well as the creator and their support network, were working together to reach a goal.

Crowd Finance

Am I willing to have effective communication?

Communication is one of the fundamental pillars of any financing campaign. This means that the presence on social networks is super important and more if your product is on a digital platform.

When you dare to tell the world your idea, sooner or later, you will have people interested in it. You have to be willing to always feed your community with information and with project progress. Make your potential consumers part of something big through your communication so you will guarantee that your idea is funded.

Comunicate Crowdfunding

If all the answers are positive Congratulations! You have an idea that can be financed with crowdfunding.

As you can see, with the financing of crowds, any initiative can be supported; only certain characteristics need to be taken into account to determine that crowdfunding is what we need to finance our venture.