The messaging app that we all know evolved and was now adapted to companies and businesses. WhatsApp Business is almost the same but with specialized functions and options for companies. Taking this into account, is it possible to use this app to improve your business? We have an answer for you here.

WhatsApp Business: What’s it about?

Currently, this application is available in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, the United States, Indonesia and Italy. For any smartphone that has the Android operating system. First of all, it’s important to highlight how this app works. Which, according to experts, continues to maintain the original WhatsApp system but with new elements.

WhatsApp Business is an application that adapts to the needs of businesses and companies. Combining them with the power and tools that its normal version has. It should be noted that it’s completely independent, which means that you cannot use the same number for the normal version and the business version.

Either way, it’s just a matter of searching the app on Google Play and downloading it. Create an account (with a number used by the company) and customize it. To summarize everything, it’s necessary to place the name of the company. And to complement: location, phone number, email and a description.

whatsapp business how it works
The profile of a company within WhatsApp Business. With its work schedule, website, description and location. Source: Nodocios

Learn about the functions of the app

The WhatsApp Business chat is almost identical to the normal WhatsApp. You can receive notifications of messages, see chats, send images, documents, contacts, audios… But with some new things added. For example: automated messages. There are two types, welcome messages and away messages.

Welcome messages are sent to people who contact your business for the first time. Or that have it added in their list of contacts but they haven’t contacted it for 14 days. On the other hand, away messages are simply messages that the client receives to let them know that you saw the message but that you’re not available to reply.

These messages will only be sent when the phone attached to the account is turned on and has an Internet connection. The next function is quick replies, these are pre-recorded messages that you can send with a command through the slash symbol (/). For example, writing /hello can be used instead to send a long personalized greeting.

what are whatsapp business functions
These are the three main functions of WhatsApp Business: Greeting messages, away messages and quick replies. Source: Firstpost

You can create your own list of quick replies, which will appear automatically when you add the slash symbol. One last function, are the statistics. Through them, you can see how many messages you have sent, how many have been delivered and how many you have received.

Create a customer network

Whether you have a business or a business, you should already have your own customers. People who buy or acquire services on a recurring basis or casual customers. Therefore, you should create a WhatsApp Business account for your business and promote it to your community. So that your clients and friends know that youll be available there.

It’s not necessary to promote it too much, once you have a client base, others will arrive little by little with time. By doing this you ensure that you’ll have clients for when you decide to use WhatsApp Business. Because you’ll already have people who will take the time to contact you there.

Create a marketing plan

It’s possible for a company to send out particular messages to a contact list. Which creates great opportunities to do marketing with this application. But first, we must remember that WhatsApp is an app that was made to avoid advertising. And even if you spread messages promoting your business, customers can mark it as spam if they find them bothersome.

The key then is to prepare special messages. Which should be short and direct to avoid disinterest from the customer. These messages must be created, of course, exclusively under the criteria of the business as such. What matters is that through these messages you make your company known and what you do as well.

As shown in several examples, WhatsApp Business is a perfect tool to receive orders. Or to request a business appointment. If you sell pizzas, your customers can contact you, make specific orders, fix a place and make a purchase. It all depends on how you want to use this app.

For the moment, the app hasn’t been released worldwide. But taking advantage of the tools it has, it can be used in some countries to do business marketing. It’s more recommended for people who love WhatsApp or want to use it to exploit this potential. It’s expected that in the future more functions will be added for companies.

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