Whether due to an economic, political or social decline, it’s possible to encounter difficulties in keeping money. Since you could find yourself in the dilemma of spending too much money and in the end not having enough to support yourself and your family. Don’t despair anymore, today we’ll teach you how to save money in times of crisis.

Saving money in times of crisis

There are many simple and easy ways to save money in hard times of economic hardship. Through these tips you can start saving money and bring a better quality of life, so you can live more comfortably. These tips come from experts from around the world and can be applied anywhere:

Avoid consuming electricity unnecessarily

Many of us tend to use appliances that consume more energy than we think. A TV, a video game console, an air conditioner in a guest room… Try to use energy responsibly and don’t spend too much time using appliances that consume too much electricity.

how to save electric energy
There are appliances and devices that consume energy even if they’re not turned on. Keep those you need like a refrigerator and disconnect those you don’t use like lamps or heaters.

Minimize your monthly outings

You may not find this easy, but consider reducing the times you go out. Outings with friends are fun but often generate unnecessary expenses in transportation and food. Plan a day on a monthly basis to do chores (buy food, go to the bank, do paperwork, etc) and try to leave only when it’s clearly necessary.

how to use my cellphone to avoid going out
Remember: having a smartphone or computer allows you to skip going out. You can pay for services, bills and debts from your home. And keep in touch with your friends.

Organize your home

Check the things you have in your house and the things you’ll need to buy in the future. Food, clothing, appliances, accessories, toys, etc. You can sell the things you don’t need and earn money that you can save. Sell ​​what you know you won’t need in the future. Create a list of the things you need to buy to live as food and personal hygiene products.

make a shopping list
If you plan to make a monthly shopping list, remember to include only those items that you really need. Don’t include snacks or objects of low personal value that aren’t essential.

Save a percentage of your salary

This advice is also a challenge. Measure how much money you earn (daily, weekly or monthly) and reserve 20% or 40% of those profits for your personal savings. Consider that this money will be used only in cases of emergency or great need. You can open an additional account in the bank for this purpose.

how to save money from my salary
If you save money from your salary, you’ll have money available when you need it most. These savings can help you make a trip or maybe go out with your friends or your partner in the future.

Agree with someone and look for shared transportation

One of the things we usually spend money on is transportation. To work, to the university, to the church, etc. You can agree with a friend or trusted person so you both can share a car during a certain season. And if you have a car, you can alternate with your friend or trusted person so that both of you can be at hand. If you two live close to each other, better yet.

how to save money in transport
Some people manage to save a lot of money on transportation with a bicycle. That’s at the same time a healthy option to stay fit.

Don’t overspend and limit the use of your credit card

Maybe it’s not necessary to repeat it but you should avoid spending money on trivial things. It’s not wrong to invest in personal tastes but in a responsible and controlled manner. Another thing, if you have a credit card, don’t use it to buy insignificant things. Use it only for relevant things like clothes and any material good that you can use for a long time.

how to use a credit card
A credit card sounds attractive and great, but remember that everything you spend with it must be paid to the bank eventually.

Saving money consists of having control of your actions and knowing how to invest money wisely. If you avoid spending in an exacerbated way and save as much as you can, you’ll have a calmer life and you’ll never have to borrow or sell valuable things that you really need. Learn to manage your finances!

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Start saving money today!