When you have your idea or your crowdfunding project concreted, I recommend you to sit down for a moment and review all your campaign details, so in this way you can remember all the little details that may you forgot or have overlooked, better yet, you can create new ideas you can use with your project.

I’ll show you some steps and recommendations to archive the presentation of your crowdfunding project more effectively:

1. Set your target audience: When you have defined your target, find out what information or message you want to spread, set what you want to archive, how to do it and how to use media to connect with your audience, an easy way to formulate this is to answer this questions: ¿What kind of people will be benefited thanks to my project? ¿What I want to archive with this?

2. Make a video with your presentation: When you make a little audiovisual work explaining on a simplified way the most important details of your project, it will help people to be interese and awaken in them the intention of wanting to contribute financially in your entrepreneurship. I recommend you make the video on a simply, clear and creative way, keeping a maximum duration of two minutes, try to put only the key words. You can update this video on your Instagram page, so you need a video with a maximum duration of one minute.

3. Humanize your project: this term lately has been implemented on business (wathever its size), the funtion of this strategy is answer this doubt: If your entrepreneurship was a person, ¿How would it be? ¿How would express? ¿What values are there in it?

Basically this means that the duty you have is to transform your crowdfunding project to be a friend for you audience, make empathy with them, implementing the branding of the brand.

4. Have all settled down and organized: Set the amount you want to raise in your campaign, look for the payment gateways like PayPal, to help you with your donations.

Organize your team (if you have one), that each of them fulfills its function, keep them informed about everything they need to know about the project. One of the members can take care of the marketing strategies, other can be on charge of public relations and another can handle the publication of the content throught the social media, and successively.

5. Monitor and observe: As the famous saying says “the one who has a store that serves it”, monitor all the activities, the inflow of the audience, the interaction and reciprocity that they have towards your project. In this way if something isn’t right, you will have the reasons to find the most practical strategies that will simplify the solution.

6. Incite the collection: Motivate the audience to donate in your entreprenurship , share the best reasons and solutions that your idea will bring to them. The honesty, the empathy and the transparency will serve you as your best allies for this process.

7. Document the progress of your campaign: Register through images and videos on the social media, how much money you have accumulated and what you are doing with that money, also you can register the supplies you have purchased( with your respective receipt of payment,) and everythig that generates expenses, it’s important to share this with the donors, so they will trust and believe in your virtual community.

8. Complies with the reward plan: The need is not for just one day, if you want to share another crowdfunding campaing later, you can ask the same people for collaboration. The loyalty of this group will depends on having complied with the rewards system of your campaign. Remember to value the different shipping methods to determine if the shipping costs will be greater that the reward and do not promise rewards that you know you can’t offer.


In a nutshell, to make you crowdfunding capmpaign more effectively, you have to dedicate the neccesary time to make it and organize it, set you objetives and the audence, design your content and the information you want to share, the channels ti transmit it and the most important thing is to motivate the audience to callaborate with your project.