The most crucial but also the most difficult part of a crowdfunding campaign has always been to obtain the much desired contributions. So much so, that virtually any effort could be in vain if there’s not a flow of monetary contributions directed to your campaign during its course. For that same reason, today we’ll teach you how to get contributions.

Get contributions for your campaign

There are many things that must be taken into account to obtain the contribution of people in a crowdfunding campaign. Although the first one would be to identify what’s the objetive of your campaign and what it is you want to gain through it. The second would be to know how you should look for that audience that’ll give you the money you need. And what can you or are you willing to do to attract them?

Never forget that getting contributions for your crowdfunding campaign will depend exclusively on you. Neither the platform where you publish it nor any bank entity will be responsible for obtaining financing. But if you know how to move, how to act and how to take advantage of opportunities, you can be sure that you’ll be able to achieve success.

Take your campaign seriously and build trust

Describe your campaign very well, make a pitch video where you appear looking at the camera and talking about it. Explain in detail how you intend to invest in money and what you promise to give to people who contribute a certain amount of money (perks). If what you plan isn’t convincing enough, no one will dare to help you. Therefore, it’s important that your presentation before and at the moment of launching your campaign is impeccable.

Prepare perks for all possible contributions. Don’t neglect your contributors, if they have questions, you always have to answer them. If you think about attracting an audience or people who may a potential contributor, you have to look convincing for everyone to know that you’are taking the campaign seriously. Certainly, if you do that and attract the attention of the right people, you’ll get contributions.

Search for the right people, identify who they are

It’s no use if the people you want to reach cannot give you the money you need. If you are from Latin America and want to get contributions in a specific currency, you have to approach people who have it and can use it. And that they’re people who may be interested or encouraged to contribute to your campaign. Knowing what kind of audience you’re targeting will allow you to study what you can do to urge them to contribute to your campaign.

Once again, it’s important that you identify what you hope to achieve with a campaign. Is it a product or service that you want to market? Or something more simple and personal? Based on this, identify what kind of people would be interested in your campaign. Are they people with similar tastes and aspirations? Or is it just for anyone who feels motivated enough to contribute? Think very well about it, then concentrate on attracting your attention.

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Work hard and you will get many contributions!