Generating funds without being a company may seem an impossible mission, but the truth is that if we make the right decisions and make a good strategic fundraising plan we can finance any foundation.
Having an NGO or non-profit foundation is very important to understand what means the mobilization of resources that refers to the set of financial and non-financial activities between a third party (people, private and public companies, among others) and an organization with some social purpose

As we can see, raising funds is in this mobilization of resources, but to obtain this financing successfully, a series of skills is needed, ranging from internal culture to financial strategy. The Spanish Association of Fundraising points out that it is important to analyze the following aspects:

  • Internal culture
  • Human and technical resources
  • Organization.
  • Money and systems.
  • Strategic thinking and communication.

The better defined and better applied this set of principles, the more likely it is to raise funds successfully.

How Can I Finance My Foundation? 1

Preparing to raise funds

For Emprende Social, the money is not given to any foundation, in fact donors want to make sure that their money will be well invested. Therefore, before requesting financing, it is necessary to carry out research actions, define our initiative and communicate to create trustworthiness in the possible contributors.

On identity, the organization must be presented as a set of responsible people with clear objectives, even the same communication must clearly explain what the mission and vision of the foundation is. As well as constantly reporting on the progress of the activities. For this a web page with a section of “About Us” and another section of “News” would be a good strategy to meet the goal of communication and identity.

The investigation has several purposes. From there will come interesting data that will justify your initiative, in addition, it will help to find out which sectors can be helped and the companies or people who would like to donate to the cause.

How Can I Finance My Foundation? 2

Where are the funds?

According to the funds we need are in people, public companies, clubs and associations, public bodies and other non-profit foundations, to reach them you can perform various activities such as patronage, sponsorships, donations, among others.

A good way to start is by generating engagement with donors and organizations in your own community. Even creating a good crowdfunding campaign is a wise strategy to make yourself known in a community and to spread the principles of the initiative.

In the long term, alliances with private companies can be generated, where sponsorship of the foundation’s activities is possible. However, it is necessary to analyze with whom an alliance is made so that the strategy is beneficial for both parties. You do not want your foundation to be damaged.

It’s not all about  the money

Remember that a foundation does not keep only funds, communities also like that they can help in other ways, for example, through education, contacts and volunteering, even with goods and services. So give the opportunity to the followers to collaborate through their presence and the diffusion of the principles of the foundation.

Remember that the bigger your foundation is, the more people will be interested in collaborating with it. That’s why it’s good to have a great team of volunteers with a lot of generosity and with a lot of desire to be trained to see fulfill the objectives of the organization.

How Can I Finance My Foundation? 3

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