Why does your crowdfunding campaign need to have attractive content? Since you’ll need to attract the attention of potential contributors. After all, that’s the goal of crowdfunding, isn’t it? The only problem is that it’s not just about starting a campaign and waiting for it to automatically receive contributions.

You have to win those contributions on your own. How? By creating attractive and persuasive content on social media about your campaign. Today we’ll show you how you can do it.

Attractive content for your campaign

And not only attractive. It would be convenient to make content that can convince your audience to contribute to your cause. Many digital marketing experts have given advice on how to create social media content that catches the eye. But you as an entrepreneur must use these tools for your crowdfunding campaign and thus obtain those desired contributions.

From several existing tips, we’ll explain how you can make posts on social networks so that your campaign doesn’t go unnoticed. Take your time to read this guide carefully, we hope it’ll be useful for you.

Use persuasion techniques

Let’s explain the three most basic types of persuasion according to the great Aristotle. Although it may seem outdated on our part, you’ll be surprised to know that these styles of persuasion are still applied today. He defines that there are three types of persuasion: ethos (ethics and moral credibility), pathos (emotions) and logos (reason and logic).

Aristotle Persuasion
Aristotle was the one who proposed the three pillars of persuasion: ethos, pathos and logos.

Let’s explain each one and how you can apply them for your crowdfunding campaign. Ethos is the credibility you have before your audience. When you write on your homepage or social media, you have to make your audience trust you.

If your crowdfunding campaign is very unconvincing or doesn’t give enough security, you won’t receive contributions. How can you earn the trust and credibility of your audience?

• Don’t make false promises. If you’re going to offer perks, make sure to give them to people. Nobody likes to feel cheated. This must be reflected in your content.

• If your campaign is about writing a book, creating a new smartphone or making a movie, demonstrate why you should be the one to do it. It can be done through images and visual content. Which serve as evidence to verify that you have skills in the area in which you intend to make an entrepreneurship. Manifesting your abilities in advance helps a lot.
• The opinion of other people can be decisive. If someone with influence and esteem speaks well of your campaign, people will take into account what they say. The same applies if most people say positive things about what you do. Share in your social networks what others say or the good expectations they have about your campaign.
• Put yourself in the shoes of contributors. Providing money to a stranger on the Internet feels risky. Through your content in social networks, you must reduce that feeling of risk and generate peace of mind. And make your audience feel that their money falls into good hands.

How To Create Attractive Content For Your Crowdfunding Campaign 1
If you inspire confidence in your audience, they’ll be more than willing to take the risk for you. Don’t disappoint them!

Let’s summarize pathos, it consists about using emotions to convince other people. But you have to take many things into account, because if it’s not done in the right way it can have the opposite effect. How to do it?

• Any campaign about solidarity has a high chance of success. For example, a non-profit organization that is requesting money to help people who need it. Showing photographs of your NGO’s good deeds and how they benefit a community will have a positive impact.
• What you say or show on your social networks should be credible but it could also move others. If you need to pay for the surgery or medical treatment of a loved one and you want to do a crowdfunding for it, your content should be aimed at showing what this person’s life will be like when they receive the treatment. Or how is their daily life without such surgery or medical treatment.
• It’ll sound ridiculous, but everything that causes tenderness draws attention. People usually share content only because it has the image of a cute kitten or something adorable. Although this means that you can take that into account.
• Urgency is a factor that can also be used to persuade. This can be applied, for example, to offer certain limited perks and motivate contributions from others. Consider that the feeling of urgency may not apply to your crowdfunding campaign. Do it only if you have an effective and positive way to do it.

How To Create Attractive Content For Your Crowdfunding Campaign 2
Never play with people’s feelings… Unless you’re doing a crowdfunding.

Finally we talk about logos, which is the persuasive resource that appeals to logic. Imagine these two premises: in a certain country there was some tragedy or natural catastrophe and there are people from that country abroad who would like to offer help. So, you have a crowdfunding campaign aimed at helping the victims of that tragedy with all the support they require.

This could make them come to the conclusion that contributing money to your campaign is the most conventional decision. How does this happen?

This can be complicated and you have to be very careful not to insult people’s intelligence. If people aren’t convinced of both premises (depending on the case of your campaign) they won’t feel motivated to contribute money.

It’s important that you know your audience very well, if you want to appeal to the logic so that they give you contributions, you must empathize with them and convince them that doing so is the most convenient thing to do.

Someone may disagree with something in your campaign, that’s when you must be prepared to respond to possible objections in a satisfactory and efficient manner.

Logic Thinker Meme

Check what you have at your disposal and use it

You already know how you can persuade people. By using credibility, emotions and logic. Now you have to review what materials you have available to promote your campaign. Some use graphic design to create visual content on their social networks with good results.

But it doesn’t mean that’s the only way. Just by having a smartphone to record videos and that takes pictures is enough. Both the videos and the images/photos are a good way to start connecting with others. Much more if you appear in them talking about your campaign or showing what it is.

For example, if your campaign is to start a pastry shop, you can show pictures of your cakes and desserts to attract the attention of potential contributors.

Starbucks Instagram Persuasion
This is the Instagram profile of the international coffeehouse chain Starbucks, note how they use photographs of their products to capture the attention of their customers. You can use this same strategy but adjusted to your crowdfunding campaign. Source: Ross Simmonds

If you use social networks to promote your campaign, you can use hashtags so that other people can find your posts easily. Always leave a link to your campaign so that other people can reach it. It’s not necessary to invest money in advertising or to be an expert in digital marketing. What matters is not to stress over it and use what you have.

Although you have a specific deadline to fulfill your crowdfunding campaign, this is where the planning should be present. Preparing and promoting your campaign before launch will help you a lot. Take these persuasive tools into account and also what you have at your disposal so that you can start promoting your campaign.

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