Finding people who contribute money for your crowdfunding campaign can be difficult. Especially for those beginners who aren’t very gifted in the area of ​​marketing and promotion. But there’s no need to be discouraged, it’s possible to find special individuals who support you. So today, we’ll explain how to contact an influencer to help you promote your crowdfunding campaign.

What is an influencer and how can you contact one?

An influencer (meaning, “man or person of influence”) is an individual who has a certain credibility before a base of followers. Especially on the Internet, through social networks, blogs, YouTube channels, etc. They’re people whose opinion has a lot of weight and who enjoy recognition, respect and admiration among a certain group of people. Particularly on topics, trends and particular areas.

These individuals don’t necessarily enjoy the same fame as a celebrity. As we said before, they enjoy credibility on respective topics before certain groups of people on the Internet. Through these people, what’s known as influential marketing has been created. Which focuses not on looking for customers, but in looking for people who have influence on potential customers.

influencer marketing types
There are different types of influencers: personalities, opinion leaders, consumers and reporters. Source: Pinterest

In general, companies and brands often use them to reach their potential customers. But they aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this. It’s possible (and has been done before) to contact one (or several) influencers to help promote your crowdfunding campaign. Of course, in order to increase your community and gain more potential contributors. Now, how to do it?

Use the Internet and locate a potential influencer

First, you have to know what kind of influencer fits the public of your campaign. If your campaign is about launching a technological product to the market, you should look for a technology expert with many followers in social networks or search engine traffic. In the same way, you have to do an evaluation of the influencer in different aspects. Is the content they publish quality? Do they have a strong following base…?

Don’t look for people who only seek “likes”, want more followers or who don’t really know or dominate the topic they’re talking about. Try to find influencers who handle content with professionalism and who truly demonstrate the credibility they have or claim to have. And you shouldn’t only evaluate the influencer but their audience as well. There are tools that allow you to measure the SEO of the content of any page such as WooRanker.

Yuya Mexico
An influencer is a person with great presence and credibility on the Internet. As for example, the Mexican youtuber Yuya, in regards to beauty topics. Source: Bombanoise

Approach the influencer in advance

You must understand that contacting an influencer immediately can be risky. Because if you haven’t established a prior confidence, they’re more likely to refuse to help you. If possible, try to make an approach before launching your campaign. So that you can take more momentum towards success once your campaign is on the air. Now, you must proceed to approach the influencer.

It’s important that you do this in a subtle and intelligent way. Because if you force things too much it’ll be very obvious and you’ll end up being discovered and rejected as an opportunist. Follow the influencer in social networks, make comments to their posts (even if they don’t answer you), try to interact with this person as best you can. Once you’ve had enough interactions and accumulated confidence, you can go the next step.

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Make a proposal to the influencer

There are different ways to contact an influencer. But most experts on the subject recommend using email. Twitter being the second option and Facebook the third. When you’re going to write a proposal and send it to the influencer, you must take some thing into account. First, you must establish very well what you need from the influencer. Do you want them to encourage others to contribute to your campaign or to talk about the campaign itself?

Send a presentation form in your proposal that also explains who you are, what your campaign is about and your objectives. Mention that you’re interested in a collaboration for your campaign and that you’d like to receive the support of the influencer in question. It’s advisable (but not always necessary) to settle a series of terms and conditions between you and the influencer in order to know what to do in case things don’t go well for any of the parties.

how to contact an influencer
Remember to be polite, considerate but above all persuasive when you contact an influencer.

If there’s an affirmative answer, things don’t end there!

Some influencers will ask for compensation for their work while others won’t. If they ask you for a fee, you should make sure you have enough money to pay for the service. Another option is to offer rewards from your campaign for free or something similar as compensation for the work. Everything depends on the agreement reached by you and the influencer.

Remember, an influencer cannot only help you get contributions for your campaign. But to also create traffic on the Internet and make your idea known to a large number of people. That in the end, could end up joining your community of personal followers. If all goes well, maybe you can even count the influencer among your list of partners for future projects.

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Contact an influencer and promote your campaign!