In the modern era, it’s usual for many people in Latin America to find themselves in the need to immigrate. Some do it to seek better opportunities, because they want to get away from a crisis or by mere personal decision. The thing is that technology has evolved to be there for them.

Today we’re going to make an analysis about how new information and communication technologies keep immigrants connected with the world and their countries of origin.

Technology and immigrants

Many decades ago, people used to migrate from Europe to the American continent or vice versa. This occurred mainly at the end of the 19th century. At that time, communication was much more primitive and people still had to use traditional writing to keep in touch.

In those moments, the only references that could be had about the countries to which they immigrated, were those of word. This is stated by the writer Tomas Castellano, in an article in Spanish made for the website Inmigrantes venezolanos en Madrid. In short, the immigrants of yore could be very disconnected from the reality they left behind.

Things changed slightly with the arrival of the phone, but Castellano says that even so, this route was still expensive and not very accessible. This only proved to be a great challenge for the immigrants of the time. But right in the 21st century, the world has evolved and opportunities have increased for us.

Communication in the 21st century

When new information and communication technologies arrived, our lives changed for the better. With this we refer to the arrival of the Internet, electronic devices, the digital era and accessibility to technology. Now it’s possible to know what’s happening on the other side of the world with just one click.

Currently, immigration rates have been increasing. But this time it has been much easier to keep in touch with loved ones. Social networks and instant messaging platforms allow us not only to know about our families, but also about what happens in our countries.

Smartphone Digital News
The advances in technology allow us to know what’s happening in our countries immediately. However, experts recommend not to review negative or pessimistic news since it can cause anxiety.

But there’s another tool that cannot be discredited, the media. Remember that newspapers also evolved. Now there are all kinds of digital newspapers that allow us to know everything that happens in the world.

Concerning Latin America, there are many digital media that keep us connected with our countries. In Argentina there’s Clarín, Folha de S. Paulo is in Brazil, El Tiempo is in Colombia and BienDateao is in Venezuela. Each of these newspapers went through a difficult time in the transition from traditional journalism to the digital age.

News Venezuela
The BienDateao news website is one of several examples of how Latin American media have adapted to the modern digital era.

One of them was Venezuelan newspaper BienDateao, which we mentioned earlier. Which recently started a crowdfunding campaign to improve its services in the Internet. And speaking of crowdfunding, did you know that the possibilities of entrepreneurship for immigrants have also increased?

Crowdfunding for immigrants

Technology not only allowed our communication to improve, but now we can make entrepreneurships from other countries. And of course, with benefits and results that are directed to our countries of origin in Latin America. How do we allow ourselves to freely say this…?

There have been many cases in which immigrants living in various countries of the world have made crowdfunding campaigns. And due to causes such as lack of economic resources, they’ve had to opt for this initiative. One of those cases occurred in Spain. Ndiaga Sow, a 34-year-old African farmer from Senegal, drowned in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Ndiaga Sow Senegal
Ndiaga traveled from the coasts of Morocco in a boat to reach Spain. Unfortunately, he drowned after falling into the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar. His body was found and a crowdfunding campaign was made to return him to Senegal. Source: El Español

His body appeared on the beach of Ceuta days later and was about to be buried without anyone knowing who he was. But a Senegalese man named Mogou saw the body and claimed it, stating that the deceased man was a cousin of his. He and several other individuals wanted to repatriate Ndiaga back to Senegal to be buried there, but they didn’t have the money to do so.

That led them to create a crowdfunding campaign to raise money. Interestingly, many of the contributors to this cause were other Senegalese immigrants in Spain. They were moved by the case of Ndiaga and had the desire to help. The joint cooperation of all of them allowed them to raise more than 6,000 euros.

Migration Latin America 2013
A graphic map showing the number of Latin American citizens living outside their countries. Source: DW

This is just one of many prominent cases in which immigrants have done crowdfunding campaigns. As we said before, some do it for personal reasons. But there are also others who have innovated in other countries as well.


Whether to keep in touch with loved ones, be aware of the reality of their countries or crowdfunding, technology has been there for immigrants. It’s important to emphasize that if you plan to leave your country and immigrate to another, you must prepare very well and be very clear about your purpose.

Immigration Latin America
Nicaraguans lined up in order to migrate to Costa Rica. In some Latin American countries the situation is so precarious that some people, in desperation and lack of resources, decide to leave illegally. Source:

In the article in Spanish written by Tomas Castellano, immigrants are recommended to use information and communication technologies (smartphones, computers, Internet) only for positive benefits. He reiterates that using them to check negative news or precarious circumstances left in their countries can cause unhappiness, stress and anxiety.

Immigrants are advised to make use of them for more profitable and positive objectives, such as looking for work, helping loved ones they left in their countries and fulfilling their dreams. With this we conclude, making an analysis of the benefits that technology has brought in immigration and how it can be used.

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Take advantage of technology for good things if one day you have to migrate!