One of the biggest myths of crowdfunding is that the pitch video must be professional. Something that’s not true at all, since only a phone or camera that records relatively well is required. There are different ways in which you can make a good impression with your video, today we’ll give you 5 of them.

5 tips to make a good impression with your crowdfunding video

Frequently, a pitch video is used in nearly every crowdfunding campaign. The purpose of it is so that the creator can explain who they are, what they’re doing and why they need the money. You can use all the resources you want. And today you’ll know 5 ways to make a good impression on your crowdfunding video.

1. Appear in your video

People are inspired by people. If you see an excellent and innovative idea, you can bet that’s one or several people behind it. Appearing in your video will allow you to connect with the audience and create an image of yourself. It’s not necessary for you appear in the whole video. Leaving your background voice is enough to show other things.

importance appearing crowdfunding video

2. Create a story and present it with dedication

Marketing is no longer about products but about stories. Who are you, what are you looking for and what did you create the campaign for? Tell it with a start, middle and ending. Show that your passion leads you to display your idea in the best way. Make sure that since its start, your video clarifies what your idea is and what you’re looking for in a concrete way.

how to tel story crowdfunding video

3. It’s not everything, but quality is important

We said it before, you don’t need a professional video (unless you want to and can do one). But that doesn’t mean your contributors deserve something poor. Try at least to record your video with good lighting and good sound quality. No echo or interference in the audio. Try to have a decent appearance in your video.

how should the quality of a crowdfunding video be

4. Focus on the project’s purpose

If your campaign seeks to finance a product or service, show them on your video. If you want to help a foundation or community, show the activities that take place there. If it’s to pay for medical treatment, show the patient’s life. Focus on showing what everyone wants to see to create credibility and confidence.

show product crowdfunding video

5. Try to exploit all technical resources

It’s a video! Feel free to do it in the most professional way you can. Write a script so you know what it’ll be like. Adding graphics or animations with images and words is very useful. Record various shots and add them so you don’t show up just talking. Use a video editor that allows you to structure it in the best way.

make professional video crowdfunding

The video of your campaign is your responsibility and your criteria. Even if your campaign isn’t commercial, it’s necessary to have it. Because the vast majority of successful campaigns are known for having one. So cheer up, take your smartphone or camera and work on showing your idea.

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