Crowdfunding has become very popular to fund all kinds of initiatives, but it’s not just for business, it also works to raise funds for an event.

Furthermore, creating a crowdfunding campaign to finance an event has its benefits: first, you will not have to use money from your own pocket, nor will you need to resort to a loan; Second, it will help you to know how many people are really interested in attending your event.

In advance, we tell you that there are two types of crowdfunding platforms: those that work with the all or nothing of the global goal and those that are based on the flexible goal. In the first, the designers who do not raise the money from the goal do not get anything in return and the money is returned to the patrons. In the second it does not matter if you do not reach the goal, the money that was collected can be used for your project.

In Solidaridad Latina we work under the flexible goal, this greatly benefits anyone who wants to hold an event and any amount that can be raised can be used to finance their initiative.

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Tips to finance your event

For the success of any campaign you need a series of basic strategies these are:

  • Effective and constant communication
  • A reasonable budget
  • A system of attractive rewards
  • A creative video

To know better these strategies you can click here, now we will give you two tips.

Present your idea as more than an event

When presenting your project, you have to convey that it is not just another event. You have to be something else, you could use your creativity and present your initiative as a whole new experience.

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The message of your campaign should briefly explain what your event consists of and try to connect emotionally with your contributors, to achieve as many donations as possible. You can also include images because it is well said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Plan ahead

Do not leave the crowdfunding campaign for the last minute, this is the worst thing you can do to plan an event of any kind. Take some time for research and to design a strategy plan that best fits your project.

The type of crowdfunding campaigns for events should have a short duration. It is recommended that they have an extension of 30 to 45 days, so that the diffusion of the campaign is carried out in all media.

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Now that you know the essentials to create a crowdfunding campaign, what do you expect to put to work? Remember that we are here to help you, you can contact us through our chat that is open 24 hours a day.

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