When you have an idea you might think that you need to be millionaire to start your own business, but the reality is that there is no cost with the indicated strategies, here we will show you how.

It is not necessary to be a millionaire to monetize your ideas “All forms of financing are valid, but not all will fit well with our type of company” says José Cadena partner of Augeo, a financial consultancy.

It should be noted that the first advice given by the different consultants is to know your market. Make a business plan to help you know how much you need to create your business.

Ways To Finance Your Business From The Beginning 1

According to Wells Fargo, a global banking services company advises “Minimal research and planning to help us take the road when it comes to financing your new company.”

Family and Friends

Friends Finance

In general, your family and friends are the first to support you when you have an entrepreneurial idea, these are very useful because, unlike bank loans, they are quite flexible. Of course, we must try to maintain the balance between the professional and emotional part.

These are the closest investors to the entrepreneur so you have to worry about maintaining your relationships in a formal way that does not endanger the ties you have with that person.

Bank credits 

Bank Credits

According to Roberto Vainrub, this measure is a loan that requires the company to pay an amount at a specific interest rate, collected at the beginning, during the end of the period and with types of guarantees.

This is a short-term method and is one of the most common, but it is the one that most requires a fairly feasible and well-designed project that guarantees the payment of the debt. This measure is quite viable for conventional media.

Venture Capital

Risk Capital

Wells Fargo defines this strategy as a source of financing in which wealthy investors, investment banks and other financial institutions invest in a company or idea that they believe has long-term potential, in exchange for a percentage on the company’s property.

A clear example that can be seen is a program called Shark Tank of the Sony Channel, in which several entrepreneurs present their starups to several investors with the aim of doing business and financing their product.


Finance Business

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Colloquially it is known as crowdfunding. Its objective is to present the idea to a crowd with the purpose of getting sponsors to finance the service or idea, all this using digital platforms, to spread the campaign.

This way will depend a lot on how you present your idea, so it is key to have a good crowdfunding campaign. The most popular pages for this are Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

We can not fail to mention the main thing that is much easier to get your idea financed if it is “a new product, without a prior history on which to project” says Roberto Vainrub explains in his book “Converting dreams into reality”.

Financing your dream is a reality  you can reach