It should be no secret to anyone that crowdfunding has allowed the production of films. Being a fairly efficient and relatively accessible financing method, many film directors have relied on it to create their works. For that same reason, today we’ll talk about 4 films that were financed with crowdfunding.

4 films that were financed with crowdfunding

The following films that we’ll talk about next were produced partly or in their entirety through crowdfunding. Some of them got good reviews on the Internet and some even received awards and recognitions. Let’s meet these films more closely and why it’s worth seeing them:


It’s a documentary released in 2012 and made by the married couple Sean Fine and Andrea Nix. It follows the life of a young Hispanic 15-year-old named Inocente Izucar, who lives undocumented and homeless with her mother in the streets of San Diego, California. What’s peculiar is that this young girl has a great talent for painting and despite her situation, she pursues her dream of becoming an artist.

The project had started a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of raising money for certain things. For example, pay production costs, create promotional art, marketing material and a website. Its campaign raised $52,527 and won an Oscar for Best Documentary in 2013. A moving story that shows facets and struggles of American immigrants.

Veronica Mars

This film is a continuation of the eponymous TV series and occurs 9 years after its third and final season. Its protagonist, the now adult and former sleuth Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) is contacted by her ex-boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) after being accused of murdering his partner, to help him solve the mystery.

Rob Thomas, director of the film, started a crowdfunding campaign that was extremely successful. Many people (especially fans of the TV series) were enthusiastic and among them they managed to raise $5,702,153. The film received good reviews, especially for the impressive performance of Kristen Bell.

Palo Alto

American screenwriter and actress Gia Coppola made her film directorial debut with this movie. The plot revolves around April (Emma Roberts), a shy student who finds herself in the predicament of an undue flirtation with her soccer coach Mr. B (James Franco). And in turn an unrequited crush for her friend Teddy (Jack Kilmer).

This film is based on the collection of short stories of the same name written by James Franco himself. He created a crowdfunding campaign to finance the production of other stories but failed to achieve the goal, yet he was able to raise a total of $325,929 to produce the film. Which focuses a lot on teen issues and their lives.


To finish today’s list, we’ll talk about a comedy and drama animation made with stop motion. Directed by Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson, Anomalisa is about the story of Michael Stone, a man with a negative view of life and who sees all people the same way. Until he meets Lisa Hesselman, a woman who strongly captivates him.

The project, as expected, was financed through a crowdfunding campaign. Which managed to collect a total of $406,237 from its backers. This film is special because it received good reviews on the Internet and won many awards at film festivals. Especially for its peculiar treatment in the plot from an introspective perspective.

Nobody says that it’s impossible to make an independent film and leave a mark in the film industry. These movies show that crowdfunding can open the doors to wonderful works of which we had never heard of. Hopefully you’ll enjoy watching any of these movies that undoubtedly made a difference.

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Which of these movies would you like to see…?