If you’re fond of crowdfunding, you’ve probably felt the need to support a campaign. Especially those that have attractive rewards and that you’d like to have. Or simply because you believed in the dream of its creators. However, today we want to give you 5 things to evaluate before contributing to a crowdfunding campaign.

5 things to evaluate before contributing to a crowdfunding campaign

For many people, contributing to a campaign can sound fun and interesting. Taking into account that there are crowdfunding campaigns of all kinds, it’s difficult to think that there’s not at least one that catches the attention of anyone. But there’s no need to hurry, we’ll give you 5 things that you must take into account before contributing.

1. Remember, you’re investing, not donating

Normally, people contribute to a campaign to get a perk. But what many of them don’t know is that they’re really making an investment. Which implies that they’re taking a risk. Because there’s no guarantee that the campaign will achieve what’s proposed or that you’ll receive the rewards. Never forget this.

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2. See how much info the campaign offers

The creators of a campaign must give you security and truthfulness to support their cause. Who are the creators and how much information is there about them? What’s their idea about and why are they doing it? Does the campaign have a pitch video and a description that makes everything clear and concise? Make sure you see how much information there is.

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3. Read the terms and conditions of the crowdfunding platform

This would seem logical but many people often forget to read the terms and conditions. Before making a contribution to any campaign, take your time to read the ones that are on the crowdfunding platform where the campaign is hosted. This way you’ll know what you risk and what guarantees you have in case the campaign doesn’t fulfill its promises.

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4. Measure how much effort the creators make

A campaign that seeks to be successful is never published and left alone. Its creators must offer updates on it and continue posting on social networks. Before contributing, go to the update area on their campaign page and their social networks and see when they updated for the last time. If they stopped doing it, this is a bad sign.

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5. See how much money the campaign has raised

Finally, you need to see how much money a campaign you have been contributing to has collected. The campaign’s creators work hard to get many contributions through family and friends first. If the campaign was launched recently there’s no problem, but be careful if 2 or 3 weeks have passed and you it has raised little or no money.

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As another additional point, you can see what the people in the campaign say. And analyze what they’ve said about it. It’s always necessary to evaluate all aspects of a campaign before contributing. Remember that in spite of everything, there will always be a risk. But don’t be discouraged from contributing if there’s a possibility of earning a lot.

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Think well before contributing!