As we have repeated many times in the past, Latin America is a continent of entrepreneurship. Many of the greatest innovations that have been created have emerged from it. Although, to tell the truth, there are countries that have stood out as the most entrepreneurial of our class.

For that same reason, today we’ll see the 4 most entrepreneurial countries in Latin America.

Latin America and entrepreneurship

Over time, we have been able to see with emotion how the number of entrepreneurships in our continent has increased. But it’s important that we take a look at the numbers that have been obtained about it. From nothing more and nothing less than the National University of General Sarmiento in Argentina. Which did an investigation regarding this matter.

From it came a report called “Systematic Conditions for Dynamic Entrepreneurship 2017” focused on Latin America. Which can be seen through this link. This report has a graph that shows which countries in the world are in better conditions for entrepreneurship. Among them, several Latin American countries:

National University of General Sarmiento Entrepreneurship
Chile is the most entrepreneurial country, ranking 33rd with 38.70 points. Followed by Brazil in 38th place (33.17 points), Argentina in 39th place (33.77 points) and Mexico in 42nd place (32.95).

As can we can see in the previous graph, Chile is the country with the best conditions for entrepreneurship. Then it’s Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Costa Rica. Who would be the 5 countries with better positioning without taking Spain into account, which is higher than all. Peru, Colombia and Uruguay stand out after them.

As we mentioned before, we will emphasize 4 countries, in this case: Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Which have a long way in the world of entrepreneurship. And whose stories are undoubtedly worthy of admiration and note. And although they weren’t the first ones to start everything, they clearly left a legacy for future entrepreneurs of our continent.

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There are several reasons why Chile is so high on the list. In and of itself, he has always had an excellent policy and economy to do business. So much so that his own government founded the most recognized start-up accelerator in this country: Start-Up Chile. Which seek to promote entrepreneurship and promote new emerging businesses.

Start-up Chile Emprendimiento
Start-Up Chile has helped hundreds of companies and emerging businesses obtain financing. It is recognized globally as a competent start-up accelerator. Source: Revista Capital

Chile has been known as a nation that has always embraced new business opportunities. Since they recognize the importance of entrepreneurship, they have fostered it within their social, labor and political sectors. So much so, that this is a philosophy that organizations, companies and public and private institutions take into account naturally.

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We can’t underestimate the Mexican land when it comes the business world. Despite having had ups and downs, they have remained consolidated in an ecosystem that tries as much as possible to promote entrepreneurship. Where organizations like MassChallenge Mexico do the same as Start-Up Chile.

MassChallenge Mexico Entrepreneurship
Camila Lecaros is the managing director of MassChallenge Mexico, an organization known for promoting and celebrating start-ups. Source: T3 México

According to an article by Mexican entrepreneur Miguel Senderos, new generations in his country are developing an interest in creating their own businesses. Instead of simply choosing to work for some company. Currently there are more than 4 million companies in Mexico, which are expected to increase. All before various adverse situations.


Many experts have mentioned Brazil as one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. And because it has a population of more than 200 million inhabitants, it’s considered the largest market in South America. For years, it had one of the best ecosystems for entrepreneurs that have existed.

Entrepreneurship Brasil
In Brazil, universities recognize the importance of entrepreneurship and set out to promote it in their institutions. Source: RedEmprendia

It has been the subject of an unfortunate decline due to the economic, political and social problems it has faced. Barriers that have had to be overcome slowly. In 2012, a survey by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor revealed that 35% of Brazilians over the age of 18 were owners of their own businesses. Or, they had been part of the creation of an independent business.


Last but not least, we have Argentina. A country from which many success stories have emerged in entrepreneurships in recent years. Such was the case of the Argentine Tomas Pierucci, creator of the smart suitcase Bluesmart and other businesses. It was recently harmed by a policy that made things complicated for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs Clubs Argentina
The Entrepreneurs Clubs are a series of programs of the Argentine Ministry of Production. Its objective is to strengthen and improve the local entrepreneurial capacity. Source:

However, things changed in 2017 with the implementation of a new law. Very similar to the “Law of Companies in a Day” promoted in Chile in 2013. But designed more for this country, that’s how the “Entrepreneurs Law” was born, legislated and unanimously approved by the Argentine Senate. Said law seeks improve the economy and position Argentina again in the global market.

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