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The Best Crowdfunding Trends For 2018

Crowdfunding has become a very strong industry in the world and has evolved every year. It got known thanks to the birth of various digital platforms that allowed many people to create their own crowdfunding campaigns to obtain the financing they need. For that same reason, today we’ll meet the latest and best trends for crowdfunding seen in 2018.

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Crowdfunding & Cryptocurrencies: The Future Of Private Banking?

By: Olinto Mendez – Strategic Development Manager in Solidaridad Latina When talking about crowdfunding and cryptocurrencies, I read so much information that I get confused. However, to feel more comforted I try to go to sources that generate trust for their dedication and time invested in the subject. There’s a lot of talk that traditional banking will soon disappear with all the new actors on stage. I must confess that I owe much of my ...

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