How to be a creator and upload a project

To upload campaigns to Solidaridad Latina first you need to enable your account as a creator, so go to Account in your Dashboard and go down to the section “Become a creator”, then select the box in the section.


Once you have selected the box, click on update profile, and update the website until 3 more options appear on your dashboard.


First go to Creator Account to enter your PayPal email through which you can receive payments. Once you have entered your email click on submit.


Ready! You are already a creator and you can upload campaigns.

To create your first campaign, go to Create Project.

Project Information

This is the general information that will be shown in the home page of Solidarida Latina or in the projects website.


In this section you will need to enter the following information: Project title, Project goalProject category, Start dateEnd date.

Keep the following points in mind when creating your campaign:

  • A campaign has a limit of 90 days. Failure in this setting will lead to rejection of your campaign.
  • Campaign research is a manual process by the Latin Solidarity team, this process can take up to 5 business days to approve a campaign.


Campaign End Options

You must mark the “close on end” option. Failure in this setting will lead to rejection of your campaign.

Project Details

In this section you will fill the following information:

  • Project short description: this description appears above the video of your project
  • Project Video: Upload your video to youtube or vimeo and place the link in this field.
  • Project Long Description: Describe your project, this description appears below the video, you can use both images and text and all the tools of the editor.


Project Reward levels

First choose the number of levels you want in Number of levels, we recommend keeping the number between 4 and 10 levels.

For each level, you must provide the following information:

  • Level Title
  • Level Price
  • Level limit (opcional): If you want only a certain amount of people to buy a level (Ex: 1, 50, 100), either because it is a limited edition or an experience, you can set it here. If you do not want a limit, leave it at 0.
  • Level fund type: select IMMEDIATELY DELIVER FUNDS. Fallar en esta configuración llevara al rechazo de tu campaña.
  • Level Description: Here you must detail the reward by selecting this level.


Once you have filled in all the data, you will have two options:


  • Save Draft will save your project as a draft, you can edit all the elements in the future.
  • Submit for review will send us your project for us to review, get ready so that we get in touch with you to ask for additional information, the faster you respond, the faster your campaign will be published. Once sent to review you can only edit some aspects of your campaigns.

Considerations when creating your campaign:

  • You can only have one (1) campaign active at a time.
  • You can only publish 3 campaigns a year, if you represent an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) you can publish 4 a year for the NGO you represent.

Congratulations, You have already created your first project!


Your project will be labeled Pending (Pendiente) while it has not been published.





In your dashboard will appear this message when we have already published your campaign.


Once your campaign is published you can spread the word about your project and let people contribute to your cause.


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