FAQs – Frequently asked questions

[+] Innovators
Can I make projects in any country?
You can make projects in any country on the American continent, except if you are resident in any of the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guyana, Haiti, Paraguay and Venezuela
What rights do I have over my project?
The innovator of the project has 100% ownership over his/her project. Neither Solidaridad Latina Inc., nor the contributors who finance the project, get any type of right or property of the project unless specified in the gifts or the rights.
Contributors support projects to help make them a reality, not to benefit economically. To thank them for their support, the project innovators offer them rewards. Contributors who help make books or films, for example, often get a copy of the finished work. A higher level contribution to a film project could give you access to the premiere, or provide private functions for you and your friends.
Can projects be on multiple crowdfunding platforms at the same time?
Solidaridad Latina does not find any inconvenience that its projects are included in other crowdfunding platforms
How much money does the innovator receive from Solidaridad Latina Inc.?
Solidaridad Latina Inc., will deduct a commission of 6% of the total contribution. 1% of this commission will be allocated to universities in order to develop new projects and 1% for conferences, meetings, workshops and training for university professors involved in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship of universities that make an alliance with us. There is also a commission for payment processing (between 3 and 5%), and this is done directly by PayPal
Will my project be online for a limited time?
Indeed, crowdfunding projects are temporarily limited. In Solidaridad Latina we set a limit of 90 days for the project to achieve the financing objective.
The innovator of the project is free to set less than 90 days if he/she wishes so.
How can the university promote projects made known by Solidaridad Latina?
Universities can make the innovators’ projects known through their social networks
What kind of funding does Solidaridad Latina offer?
Solidaridad Latina offers a “Flexible Funding”, which means that the money collected or what the innovator collects will be allocated, even though the innovator doesn’t meet the ultimate goal.
How soon will the money be allocated to the innovator?
Just 72 hours after the contribution is made by the contributor. It is important to know charges or bank fees are generated when transferring money.
What can an innovator offer as a reward?

As an innovator, you know what will excite your contributors the most. Trust your instinct and offer rewards that you would like to receive. Here are six common types of rewards:

  • Final products.
  • Downloads.
  • Limited Editions
  • Souvenir
  • Experiences
What can’t an innovator offer as a reward?
As we encourage you to be creative, some types of rewards are simply not allowed, such as financial benefits and things that you or your team have not directly produced.
Projects that are meant to break the law or that may be dangerous to contributors are prohibited, as well as those that have a large number of regulations or offer rewards that have not been made by the innovator.
Below you will find a list of products that can’t be offered as reward:

  • Any item that seeks to cure, treat or prevent a disease or condition (through a device, an application, a book, a nutritional supplement or any other means).
  • Competitions, coupons, bets and sweepstakes.
  • Energy drinks and food
  • Offensive material (eg verbal incitement to hatred or violence, etc.).
  • Offer a genetically modified entity as a reward.
  • Offer alcohol as a reward.
  • Provide financial services, payment processing or credit; Financial intermediaries or instruments equivalent to a monetary value; Travel services (eg vacation packages); Telephone services (eg prepaid telephone services, toll-free 900 numbers); and marketing services.
  • Fundraising for political campaigns.
  • Pornographic material.
  • All rewards must be produced for the project or designed by one of his/her innovators; Things on the other side can’t be resold.
  • Drugs, nicotine, tobacco, vaporizers and related paraphernalia.
  • Weapons, replicas of weapons and accessories for weapons.

If your project involves something illegal or it is subject to a large number of regulations as well as it can be dangerous for the sponsors or it is not on this list, contact us before starting your project.

[+] Contributor
How can I contribute with a project?

You have two ways to contribute:

  • PayPal: If you do not have a PayPal account, the PayPal platform itself will prompt you to register with its system.
  • Credit card.

Both have all kinds of security measures to prevent key theft or identity usurpation.
“Amount received by each contributor amount granted to each innovator previous tax and charge deductions”.

Are you interested in doing the economic operation via PayPal? Do you have questions on how to do it? If you do not have an account with Paypal yet, what steps should you follow?
PayPal is one of the safest ways to make payments online, as well as one of the most demanded by most of the websites around the world, so making the payment through this platform is a guarantee for everybody.
If you do not have PayPal account, creating it is very simple. Find out how by clicking on How to create a PayPal account.
How can a contributor financially support a project?
Contributors can financially support a project from the home page of the project they wish to support. The contributor must click on the “contribution” button and entering the amount of money the user wants to contribute to the project.
Why should you rely on project innovators?
Trusting is part of the process. On the one hand, the innovator, motivated to make his/her dream come true on a crowdfunding platform, is fully confident that contributors will help him/her make it possible; On the other hand, contributors are confident that if they do their part to help a creator to bring the project up, they will receive their corresponding gift and feel grateful to see how those dreams come true.
One of the advices that we give to innovators when it comes to publicizing their projects is to be transparent when it comes to providing information. We also recommend the innovator to speak in first person and have a smooth communication with contributors who have questions.
Is it become public the amount of money a user has donated to a project?
Yes, the amount of money a user has donated to a project is become public unless you want to remain anonymous. In that case, only Solidaridad Latina and the innovator will have access to this information.
What information does an innovator get from his/her contributors?
The innovators of the project will know data that the contributor has provided because they must communicate each other in order to know the progress of the project, in this case via email.
The innovators will know data that the contributor has given them so as soon as the project is done send them the reward that the contributor decided to choose according to the contribution made. For example, if the contributor chooses a book as a reward, the innovator will know his/her name and last name and his/her postal address.
Will users be notified if a project has achieved its economic objective?
Yes, a notification will be sent through the contributor’s mail. Such notification shall justify his/her contribution.
Can a person make economic contributions from anywhere in the world?
No, if you are resident in any of the following countries you may not use PayPal to make payments in Solidaridad Latina: India, Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Crimea, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Lebanon, Belarus, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Iraq, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Libya, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Haiti, Paraguay and Venezuela
How will the rewards be sent?
Innovators and collaborators will reach a mutual agreement on the cost of shipping and nationalizing the selected reward as long as the project is based on something tangible. For instance, if the collaborator makes a contribution in making a shirt and within the reward he/she agreed with receiving one, he /she will reach an agreement with the innovator on the costs of shipment depending on the place the contributor want the reward to be sent.
Who decides the rewards?
Project innovators decide their rewards and the donation.
What can be offered as a reward?
All kinds of rewards can be offered. The more original, the better! A project will be fully valued if the rewards are related to the project. For instance, if the project is to make a movie, the rewards could be: appear in the credit titles, receive a DVD of the film or even appear as extras.
The rewards are what you share with the friends who helped you bring your project up. Some rewards are simple, like a copy of the album you recorded. Other rewards are more creative and unique. The best projects usually include a mix of both.
Who is responsible for project innovators meeting the rewards?
The only ones responsible for innovators fulfilling the rewards are the project innovators themselves. Solidaridad Latina Inc., is an intermediary between the parties.
Who is responsible for delivering the rewards?
The innovators are the only responsible for producing and delivering the rewards. Solidaridad Latina Inc, only provides the platform to bring innovators in contact with rewards.
Will the project be online for a limited time?
Absolutely, crowdfunding campaigns are temporarily limited. In Solidaridad Latina Inc. we set a limit of 90 days for the project to achieve the funding objective.
The innovator of the project is free to set a time below these 90 days if he/she wishes.
[+] Social Network
Can a project be posted in social network?
Yes, the project can be shared. Solidaridad Latina has links to share projects in social network.
Which social media does Solidaridad Latina help make projects known?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
[+] Universities
What would be the contribution and role of the University in the alliance?
The universities would benefit from the projects their students want to execute and spread through our platform. As part of our partnership, the university will receive 1% of the funds collected from each project regardless of whether the students are going to get undergraduate or advance degrees or even graduate from those universities. Our main objective is that those projects that could not be implemented due to lack of economic resources can be done through our Crowdfunding.
And how is the platform’s operating model? How much do you charge for the use of the platform?
The innovator or creator of the project publishes his/her idea in our platform without any charge. Solidaridad Latina Inc., will deduct a commission of 6% of the total of each contribution that the contributor makes. 1% of this commission will be allocated to universities in order to develop new projects and 1% for conferences, meetings, forums, workshops and training for university professors involved in the innovation and development department. There is also a charge for processing payment (between 3 and 5%).
[+] NGOs
Through our platform we also want to help raise funds for people suffering from diseases that require expensive treatment for controlling and healing their diseases as well as for helping people from disasters coming from natural phenomena (earthquakes, floods, among others). For Solidaridad Latina, there is no greater achievement than alleviating endless needs that day by day different populations have, which do not have the economic resources to solve different basic situations to improve the quality of their lives, such as: schools, medical assistance, amusement and recreation spaces.

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