Most Financed Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding has been an exorbitant success all over the world. So much so that many projects have surpassed millions of dollars in revenue. And in some cases that was not the goal of the campaign. Some surpassed the millions asking for much less than that. Today you’ll know which are (for the time being) the most financed crowdfunding campaigns in the world. 3869

Vocal Song: Giving Hope To Children

With a long career, this Venezuelan pop music band has a great legacy. Vocal Song has been characterized by their fresh and flavorful themes. But now they want to change the world with something more than their music… That is why they had the initiative to help the kids of their country through crowdfunding. 3830

Youtubers That Created Crowdfunding Campaigns

YouTube has allowed people to make a profit by doing what they like the most. Cooking, playing video games, practicing sports, doing tutorials… But the truth is that many of them take advantage of this chance to undertake their own projects. How so? Many also use YouTube to perform crowdfunding. And today you’ll meet several youtubers who have done so. 3914

Sharing Economy: An Advance In Business

This new form of economics under the expression “what’s mine is yours” is also known as collaborative consumption. It’s greatly impacting the sectors of economic life by being a disruptive agent that has just arrived at the hegemonies in the sectors. The numbers that are collected by various investigations speak of more than 28,000 million in commercial exchange only in the European Union for 2015. With an estimate of reaching 575,000 million according to the

The World of Ideas

Samuel Parra   
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Mar 02
In today’s world, ideas are shining and flourishing, every each day young people are a source of ideas. That is why the 21st century has been called the “Century of the Knowledge Society” because of the fluidity of ideas that manifest themselves as innovations in the market. But now then, where do ideas come from? Very simple, from your creative processes, your imagination, and your mind, where they are recreated as visualizations that can be

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