New Crowdfunding Laws Europe 2018

These Are The New Crowdfunding Laws in Europe

2018 was a very busy year for crowdfunding. With regard to laws, some countries in the world have begun to regulate them to benefit collective financing. Particularly within Europe, where some were already decreed. Today, you’ll know which ones they are. 11966
WHIRL Crowdfunding Platform Blockchain

This Startup Combines Crowdfunding With Blockchain Technology

You’ve already seen us countless times talking about crowdfunding and blockchain. One consists of collective financing and the other on the transfer of information without intermediaries. What would happen if we combine these two elements? A startup has already done it. And it’s called WHIRL, a crowdfunding platform with blockchain technology. 11927
equity crowdfunding in 2018

What Happened With Equity Crowdfunding In 2018?

2018 was an important year for business and crowdfunding. We observe how startups from various parts of the world began to be financed through collective help. The method known as equity crowdfunding was one of the most popular ones. Why? Today you’ll discover it. 11877

Steps to finance your musical project

Any musician or band depends on generating records and tours to please their fans and to show their talent. However, sometimes the production of a record requires a lot of money, which is why crowdfunding is used to finance any musical project. 11905

What is a Top Of Mind brand?

Do you know how big is the notoriety of your brand? When you have a worthwhile product and a good advertising strategy, you gradually build the Top of Mind of your venture. If you do not know what this is about, here we will explain. 11892

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