About us


SOLIDARIDAD LATINA is a platform that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation. It shows and makes dreams, creative ideas and projects public from Latin American people to the whole America continent.

It is a platform that allows projects and ideas to be shown in which financing is not provided by a banking system but through people. It is possible for the entrepreneur that his/her idea becomes an innovation as fast as possible by connecting him/her to sponsors (through social networks and technology), who are willing to provideresources for social projects and entrepreneurship in Latin America. Thus, Solidaridad Latina is a bridge that connects Latin American people living in the United States of America willing to be sponsors to the communities in need in their origin homeland.


To make SOLIDARIDAD LATINA a reliable platform that makes dreams, projects and creative ideas   from Latin American people come true, having important strategic alliances with the main universities of America, adding value to creativity and innovation through social networks and technology, supporting the social development of non-governmental organizations and the creation of enterprises with sufficient sustainable jobs, encouraging innovators with their ideas for having a better future.

Therefore, Solidaridad Latina is aim at getting from the citizens of the American continent timely and necessary contributions so that Latin American people build their dreams and improve the quality of life in their own countries.


  • Excellence: we want to offer a service of the highest quality, so that we are recognized for adding value to the market in the long term.
  • Commitment: we are committed to our mission, vision and objectives, as well as offering a good service that helps sustainable development of communities.
  • Trust: we trust in our sponsors’ good will, as well as in those innovators who post projects in our platform so that these projects support the social and economic development of their countries.
  • Innovation: we believe in creativity and innovation as processes of transforming society, using resources effectively and efficiently.


SOLIDARIDAD LATINA INC., Based in Florida – USA, was born in September 2014, as a Crowdfunding company created aiming at letting Latino population in the United States know projects that could be of their interest from their own or their family country of origin. Latinos who live in the U.S. could help make the dreams of many Latin American people real in their homeland. Thus, you will be giving a contribution to Latin American families from the United States of America, for the sustainable development of Latin America countries.

Solidaridad Latina is … your dream promoter

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