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Desarrollar una linea comercial de productos derivados de Fino cacao aromático Venezolano para exportar y suplir el mercado nacional. Actualmente fabricamos te de cacao, Nibs de cacao y Sirope de Chocolate. Estamos comenzando con cremas de chocolates , manteca de cacao y derivados de aceite de coco con cacao.
Plataforma para Emprendedores

Plataforma para Emprendedo…

Social Innovation
CoworkingEDA es una plataforma que busca orientar y ayudar a pequeños emprendedores que buscan la manera de poder impulsar su proyecto en el mercado digital.
Ruedas para tu museo

Ruedas para tu museo

Campaña para la recolección de fondos para los autobuses del Museo de Arte Contemporaneo del Zulia - MACZUL

Esta es la única opción que tengo para recaudar fondos y poder escapar de la crisis de Venezuela


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    This article originally appeared on by Jon Zacharias In the gig economy, you can crowdsource almost anything. From formal crowdsourcing, which often involves droves of freelancers doing data, writing or design work, to informal crowdsourcing, which might involve someone asking for recommendations or information on Facebook, millions of people reach out to the other millions on a daily basis. And you can do the same if you need funding to get your new business ...

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    Creating an audiovisual production covers large expenses in its realization due to its equipment, locations, assemblies, staff and its actors. Crowdfunding has been used several times as a collection method to finance films and television projects, from small to large productions that have had participation in festivals and nominations in the most prestigious film awards.

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    When you have your idea or your crowdfunding project concreted, I recommend you to sit down for a moment and review all your campaign details, so in this way you can remember all the little details that may you forgot or have overlooked, better yet, you can create new ideas you can use with your project.

  • Collaborative Learning As A Tool Of Entrepreneurship


    Do you know collaborative learning? This teaching technique seeks to promote cognitive development through work in groups, applying different skills and doing varied activities that help to improve understanding of a topic, but what does it have to do with entrepreneurship?



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