Behind one of the most important fast food franchises in the world, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), is the story of a persevering man, who after several jobs founded a food chain that would spread worldwide. Learn about the story of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC.

We all recognize the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise as it has more than 20,000 restaurants in over 123 countries, its logo is highlighted by its red background, its initials “KFC” and the face of an older gentleman, beard and glasses. Few know who it is, but he is the founder of the fast food chain, his real name is Harland David Sanders, but then he will be recognized as Colonel Sanders.

The history of the Colonel represents perseverance and perseverance, since before starting his first restaurant he had had a considerable amount of jobs of all kinds, but neither the stumbles of the past nor the age stopped him. In fact, he always stood out for his desire to keep going and try again.

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This was his childhood

Harland David Sanders was born in the small town of Henryville in the state of Indiana in the year 1890. He was the firstborn of a humble family of Irish descent. We could say that his childhood was limited at an early age, since at age 5 he lost his father, which forced him to work from a young age and to feed his three brothers while his mother went out to work.

The mistreatment of his stepfather forced him to move to his aunt and uncle’s house in Albany. He left school at age 12 to devote himself to helping the family farm, then forged his birth certificate to be able to perform military service at age 15, exercising functions in Cuba.

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Colonel Sander when he was young

The multiple jobs

Sanders started working at age 13 and has since gone through more than 13 different jobs, always giving the best of him.

At 17 he started working as a stoker, at this time he met his first wife Josephine King, with whom he had three children. These years were quite pleasant for Sanders until the bitterness came by the death of his son Harland Jr. This led the family to move to Tennessee to get back on track.

In Tennessee, he decides to work on railways during the day and study law by mail at night. Law studies bear fruit, after which he manages to work as a lawyer, but he is fired and returned to Indiana to sell insurance. This is where he goes through several jobs from boat operator to lamp seller.

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The recipe that would lead to success

The events of The Great Depression impelled him to change his life. Sanders had bought a service station and to pay the rent he sold meat, ham and fried chicken (his flagship product). Little by little, the word began to spread about the seasoning of the Harland recipe for fried chicken.

It was because of the popularity of its season that the governor decided to grant him the title of colonel, symbolically in 1935. That is why he is better known as Colonel Sanders. The following year he decided to open a restaurant with a dining room for 142 guests.

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In 1940, Colonel Sanders patented his recipe whose popularity continues to grow. However the preparation of fried chicken is truncated by the events of the Second World War. Ten years later, at 60, he decided to take advantage of his product and start a franchise under the name Kentucky Fried Chicken. The first restaurant opened in 1952 and its popularity was so great that it continues to expand to this day.

In 1964, Sanders retires selling his franchise to an investment group for 2 million dollars, plus a lifetime salary of 400,000 to be ambassador of the brand. By then, the franchise had 600 branches around the United States.

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Regrettably, Colonel Sanders died on December 16, 1980 of acute leukemia. However, his image is still alive in all of us since his face is immortalized representing his Kentucky Fried Chicken brand.

One of his most emblematic phrases is “I’ve only had two rules: Do everything you can and do the best you can. It’s the only way we ever get that feeling of achieving something “An example that we should all take for entrepreneurship and for any area of ​​our life.

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The life of Colonel Sander full of entrepreneurship and perseverance