Many confuse email marketing with spam, but what few understand is that if we use it in a good way, email marketing can be very useful for our crowdfunding campaign. Here we will teach you how to use it.

We must understand that in itself email marketing has many benefits for the promotion of any company, according to Jose Argudo, a mailing service serves as a channel of communication with your customers, helps spread the content, encourages engagement, loyalty with the brand and it serves to collect opinions.

How does it work for a crowdfunding campaign?

The mail marketing is not only a tool to communicate, it is also a tool that helps us to create a relationship with our contributors. That is why it is important to consider this strategy even before launching our campaign.

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The reach of an email is up to 6 times greater than that of a tweet. That is to say that there is more probability that a person enters your campaign through an email than a link on Twitter, as explained by Camping Monitor.

Now that we have convinced you of the power of email marketing, we give you some tips to manage your email strategy as a professional.

Start with a list of existing contacts

Do not limit yourself with your family and your friends, think about those people that you know may be interested in your proposal or that you wish to keep in touch with and include them in your mailing plan. These contacts are very necessary at the beginning of your campaign, as they will be the first to contribute to your idea.

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Remember the call to action

The content of your email must have some objective: click here, share, donate … anyone is valid, you just have to make it known in the text of your email. In this way you leave a clear message and increase the engagement of your audience by letting them know that there are actions with which they can help you.

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Use templates that are compatible with a cell phone

With so many people using smartphones, it is important to think about the presentation of emails when they are on the screen of a cell phone. If you are going to use templates make sure they are easy to navigate both on mobile phones and on a computer.

Share news of the campaign

One of the keys to a successful crowdfunding is to keep your contributors updated and the best way to do this is through emails. If you have a specialized blog about the campaign, it is also an effective strategy to share the content and articles on the website.

Do not forget to thank!

Manners matter, so always thank your customers after every action they do. That shows interest in your contributors. For example, after making a donation you could send a personalized email thanking you for your contribution.

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We want to highlight that when making a crowdfunding campaign it is important to remember digital marketing strategies: not only do social media strategies count, so are the more traditional tools such as email marketing.

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Emails will boost your crowdfunding campaign