Elon Musk is known for his ambition and above all, for the fortune he has generated with his companies Space X, Tesla Motors, Paypal and among others. But that fortune did not come alone, he has created habits to reach the top.

Many say that Elon Musk, more than an entrepreneur, is a visionary because one of the goals of his company Space X is for man to set foot on Mars and he is getting closer and closer to achieving it. On the other hand, his company Tesla Motors is totally innovative, implementing electric cars to rescue the planet from the carbon dioxide generated by the use of gasoline.

These are the bold ideas that have led Musk to business success, according to Forbes magazine, the founder of Space X has a fortune of 21.7 million dollars.

Elon Musk and His Tips For Success 1
The visionary Elon Musk. Photo: Diegocarmona.com

To achieve this Elon Musk implements a philosophy based on the organization of time, learning, productivity and communication.

Organize and take advantage of time

When you are the founder of more than one company, you have to know how to organize your time very well. In the case of Musk, he said that on Monday and Tuesday he is dedicated to Space X and that on Wednesdays and Thursdays his company Tesla Motors visits. On weekends, Rick and Morty are watching with their five children.

It should be noted that one of the things that characterizes the employer is how to take advantage of time. There is nothing that bothers you more than wasting time, it is so much so that you advise your employees to avoid unnecessary meetings. And if you feel that the meeting is dispensable, you have the right to leave the room.

Organize Elon Musk

Use common sense

The use of common sense is a good guide for productivity. So let yourself be carried away by him.

The advice that the employer gives to his employees is: if they believe that a rule is unnecessary or illogical, it must be changed. In this way tasks that do not contribute anything to the productivity of the company are avoided.

Elon Musk and His Tips For Success 2

Do not be afraid of feedback

Elon Musk has a philosophy of constant growth and for that he asks for the feedback of his partners and employees. Essentially seeks to be told the negative parts in order to improve them.

The Musk companies are successful because he believes that there is always a better, faster or cheaper way to do things. For that, he hired a team of prepared people and with a critical eye he obtains the necessary feedback.

Improve Elon Musk

I think it’s important to have feedback, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could do it better.

Curiosity allows the invocation

When someone is interested in several subjects, they have a better chance to try new fields. What gives opportunity to learn and maybe to find something that you like more than what is currently done.

Innovation is something that stands out in the career of Elon Musk and this is because curiosity guides him towards the most innovative ways to start.

Innovation Elon Musk

The importance of the communication

Communicate your goals and make clear what you want is essential to have a motivated work team. According to him, people work better when they know the goals and why these goals.

In addition, he encourages the use of asynchronous communication, that is, through email, since it is more direct and if used in the office reduces distractions. If someone wants to contact you for something urgent, you can call them.

Communication Elon Musk

Even so, he advises using the active voice in the mail, being specific with the lines of action to follow and avoiding very soft words like “I feel” or “maybe”.

Set flexible goals

When you are starting a business, it is very easy to be ambitious with the objectives of the proposal, so you have to adjust them to the passage of time. All this is a trial and error process.

The best thing is that you try your best to reach that goal, once you are clear about where you can go, you will be able to reformulate your goals.

Advices Elon Musk

The first step is to establish that something is possible, then it will probably happen.

There is no doubt about the professionalism of Elon Musk, that makes him an example to follow. Not only for entrepreneurs, but for leaders who want to innovate and influence the world.

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