It has gone through various moments of crisis and economic and political recession. But the United States has managed to consolidate itself as one of the strongest known economies. However, recent changes have been considerable. And the experts are already giving their omens for this country’s economy in 2019.

What’s expected for the United States economy in 2019

Unfortunately, the overall picture of the global economy doesn’t offer many positive sights. According to an article by Bloomberg, we’ve seen trade wars, sanctions, ups and downs in the stock market, among other problems. However, in another article they affirm that there was a global economic growth of 3.7%.

The report card of the current administration of the Government of the United States has already been released. However, some experts and experts agree that it’s not entirely accurate. There’s a growth of gross domestic product (GDP), low unemployment and wage increases of 3.1%.

united states economic report 2018
According to CNN, the President Donald Trump’s administration reduced unemployment to 3.9%, added 3.2 million jobs and increased GDP to 4.1%. Source:

Based on the results of the report, it could be concluded that the US economy improved considerably. Since we see more opportunities in the market, more employment and entrepreneurship, etc. For what can be taken as mostly positive.

Although in spite of this growth, it’s thought that things could change after 2019. This is stated by several experts in economics from the United States. Who expect the economy to slow down in the next year.

Specific forecasts for the following year

There are many articles coming out on the Internet from experts who talk about the American economy in 2019. And almost everyone agrees on one thing: there will be a general slowdown. According to Fortune, the Goldman Sach group predicted that GDP would slow by 1.8% during the third quarter of 2019. And then to 1.6% in the next quarter.

This forecast isn’t considered good or bad, but has been refuted by President Trump’s administration. Through Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, who said it was unlikely that there was a recession or slowdown.

economic analysis of the united states 2018
The economic analysis varies from person to person, some believe that in 2019 there’ll only be a slowdown. But others go further and argue that there’ll be a considerable recession. Source: International Federation on Aging

Some people suggest that this will affect not only the economy but politics. The economic conflicts between the United States and China are seen with concern. And also the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, i.e. the “Brexit”. It’s believed that this could end up affecting the economy in one way or another.

This problem affects businesses and other areas such as agriculture both inside and outside the United States. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), according to an article in The Universe, estimates that trade between China and the US will slow down and will barely grow by 6.2%.

economy war china united states 2018
It’s thought that some of these forecasts are made based on what’s expected to happen due to the trade war of China and the United States. Source: Free Voice

Despite the forecasts, some still doubt its veracity. And they affirm that they’re hasty conclusions without foundation. But again, all that remains is to observe how the environment will unfold in the following year. And observe if what happens is fulfilled as such.

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