After the success of Airbnb, many people around the world were able to travel around the world and have a place to stay overnight. But a long time later Eatwith showed up, a business quite similar to the previous one but directed to the food world. Are they both the same as they seem? We’ll study the subject more closely.

What is Eatwith?

It’s an app that allows chefs and cooks to connect of all kinds with people who want to eat a variety of dishes. It’s not necessary to have much experience or be professional to use their services. It works like this: a person can download Eatwith and look for people who are offering a particular dinner or meal.

Then, if it catches your attention, you can reserve a seat to attend the event (with other people who have also booked there). The same goes for the other way around, a cook or kitchen lover can host a meal in their own home. Using the app for interested people to book a seat there in exchange for money.

Within Eatwith, it’s also possible to contact a chef and ask them to cook a fine dish in a preestablished place. In short, this app allows you to meet many people through experiences that revolve around food. It emerged in 2014 under its founders, Jean-Michel Petit and Camille Rumani, who are both very passionate about gastronomy.

However, among many people the word runs that this business is similar to Airbnb. A platform that works in a similar way but aimed at travelers and hosts from around the world. Once again, the question arises as to whether both businesses are completely equal. Although the answer should be obvious: not at all.

Eatwith ≠ Airbnb

Despite having some things in common, Eatwith and Airbnb are not the same thing. First of all, it should be noted that both businesses are based on sharing economy. Which is when two individuals interact through a digital platform (or not) to satisfy a particular need. Airbnb covers lodging and Eatwith covers meals.

Airbnb is responsible for placing a platform so that people can find lodging anywhere in the world. It’s similar to Eatwith because, like Airbnb, it allows you to find people who live near you. In order to meet with them and satisfy the need you have to enjoy a good meal and share with others.

A rumor spread but not confirmed is that the CEO of Eatwith was inspired by Airbnb for his business. During a trip with his wife to Greece where they were tricked many times while trying to eat together in the street. Then they were invited to eat at a family house, at that time they both thought they could do a similar business but with food.

Some people consider that Eatwith tries to popularize a phenomenon known in the world as “clandestine dining”. Which are dinners offered in large cities but secretly, with very few guests. But through this app it can be carried out openly and more publicly. Albeit in exchange of money.

eatwith clandestine dining
Clandestine dining is always done without prior notice and with a limited group of people. However, Eatwith allows this to be carried out freely and to the public eye in exchange for money.

In any case, this gastronomic business has become popular in more than 130 countries around the world. And like Airbnb, it has created a legacy that will continue to be remembered among the experts in the business world. Nowadays, it continues to expand and grow, adding new elements to its platform.

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Would you eat or host a dinner with Eatwith…?

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