The dog is the best friend of man, that’s why it breaks our heart to leave it alone when we have an important trip to do, but there is a solution: Dog Hero, a collaborative economy app that will help you find accommodation for your dog.

If you have a canine, the best thing you can when you travel is to find a good lodging, since dogs, being a species that is used to being in a pack, have a hard time being alone, to the point that they may suffer separation anxiety, a condition that causes a lot of stress and behavioral changes in the dog, explains the Animal Expert portal.

Dog Hero, the collaborative economy app for your pet 1


Hence the need to find the best care and accommodation for your pet so that you do not suffer when you are not at home. Finding a fun and loving space for your dog is the mission that Dog Hero transmits us.

How does it work?

The application works with the same premise of Airbnb, you create a profile on the website or in the application, so that the platform connects you with potential caregivers who are in your area. You can meet the hosts through their profile, chat and reputation, to better know the person who will take care of your puppy when you are traveling.

In addition, the host will be committed to sending you photos of your pet so you can be sure that he is having a good time in his substitute home. And if you still worry about it happening or getting sick, there’s no need! Because Dog Hero has a veterinary guarantee in case something happens to him.

The hosts have the opportunity to adjust the prices they want to have a new source of income, they can also specify the races they like to take care of and establish the days and times they have available. On the other hand, to be a host you have to pass a rigorous selection process in which there is to show that you have a space and an experience suitable to take care of dogs.

How originated?

The application was created by the Brazilians Eduardo Baer and Fernando Gadotti who met when they were doing the Master in Administration at Standford, in addition to the businesses they had something else in common: both had dogs. Seeing the services of lodging for pets in the United States, they thought of moving the same service to Latin America.

Both thought that the safety of the pet was paramount, so they established a fairly selective process to determine who can host. Those who want to host must send photos and others to show they have resources to care for a foreign dog “Only people who are passionate about dogs are accepted” explain the creators of the platform.

Currently, the platform only appears in three countries: Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. In Brazil, which was their starting point, they have around 10,000 extended hosts in more than 650 cities; the second country to which they extended, Argentina, has 250 temporary homes.

Dog Hero, the collaborative economy app for your pet 2

Dog Hero, until now, has been an application that has helped several dog owners to find substitute homes while they are traveling and has had a very good acceptance in the GooglePlay store with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The applications of collaborative economy can be applied in almost any aspect, in tourism, in music and now with pets. This shows how technology facilitates life in several aspects, even to find a home for our best four-legged friend.

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Get a home for your pet with Dog Hero.