Every business has quite particular work spaces. Depending on where it’s located, it may be attended by different kinds of people. Of different ethnic groups, cultures, opinions and personalities. In such a case, it’s time to be taught how this can be critical to your success.

Success and its relationship with diversity and inclusion

Whether on television or simply as part of general culture, people always talk about diversity and inclusion. Both terms have a long history and a very close relationship. Diversity talks about our cultural differences. And inclusion, in a general sense, offers to integrate everyone according to their conditions or capabilities.

However, few people know how to fulfill these values ​​at work. Or rather, many underestimate the true value it has for companies. Believe it or not, there are reasons to be certain that both factors influence the success of your business.

united nations diversity inclusion
In the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the UN, two of the future objectives are to promote gender equality and reduce inequality. Source: El Universal

Inequality at work has been seen in many areas. Mainly gender inequality, although it’s known that it’s also conditioned to other aspects. Like disabilities, ethnicity and cultural traits. And in certain cases sexual orientation, religion and other more specific aspects.

These problems have their own statistics and vary from country to country. One of the most affected, for example, is Mexico. Where it’s known that gender and racial inequality increased by 34% according to an article by Forbes. And this is only part of the whole. Either way, what about diversity at work?

The importance of diversity in companies

Diversity and inclusion can play a very important role in business. The article before from Forbes tells us about a study carried out at the University of Illinois. Which reveals that companies that promoted diversity and inclusion received their net return equity 53% higher than those that didn’t.

It’s also mentioned there that an article in Harvard Business Review talks about this topic. And that a company can generate relatively more income if it incorporates greater inclusion and diversity in their areas of work. Therefore, we have more reasons to establish these values ​​in a business.

labor diversity 2018
According to an article by Rankmi, labor diversity was a great trend during 2018. Source: Glean.info

Currently, there are mechanisms that seek to promote diversity and inclusion in work. As well as protect the everyone’s rights. One of these mechanisms has been the law, since in several countries around the world many of them safeguard respect and go against discrimination.

Iceberg Cultural Intelligence expresses that to do it, certain initiatives are necessary. Among them, knowing how to incorporate leaderships between culturally different groups, to find a balance. It also exhorts to respect the laws of diversity and to put an end to meritocracy and particular privileges.

diversity merits bias
Experts recommend dispelling biases within the company and ensuring that everyone has access to the qualities that define a merit. Source: Rakuten

Diversity and inclusion together equal greater odds of success in business. Mainly because they improve the organizational climate and offer a more positive atmosphere and less prone to tensions. That’s why this topic is so important worldwide.

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