There are many areas that have grown thanks to the arrival of crowdfunding. Science, art, technology, medicine, etc. And one of them has been archeology, the science that studies ancient civilizations through the materials they left behind. We’re going to see how the collective financing has allowed its development.

How crowdfunding has developed archeology

Let’s review the terms to understand better. According to Wikipedia, archeology is “the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture. The archaeological record consists of artifacts, architecture, biofacts or ecofacts and cultural landscapes.” It’s a way in which humanity investigates how past civilizations were.

Archeology is seen and applied in different ways around the world. Currently, it’s still used to discover the past of humanity. Through the remains that have been left behind millions of years ago. This is done through explorations, excavations and other types of investigations. And as it’s possible to imagine, this requires money.

History Crowdfunding Archaeology
According to KidsKonnect, the things that people leave behind are called artifacts. Archaeologists can find out a lot about people by looking at their houses, clothes, bones and even their garbage.

It’s no secret to anyone how difficult it’s to obtain financing nowadays. Especially when banks and other financial institutions are more hermetic and selective. Not to mention the problems of the global economy. And it’s possible that this is the reason why people now choose to use crowdfunding.

The same has happened for archaeological projects. Archaeologists around the world are now taking advantage of collective financing to finance their voyages. And this is nothing new, it has been happening for quite some time. It’s worth reviewing some crowdfunding campaigns that have driven this science.

Archeology and crowdfunding

It’s not difficult to find crowdfunding campaigns that have been directed at archeology. According to Arqueología Medieval, a group of Spanish archaeologists resorted to crowdfunding. For what? Precisely to compensate an insufficient suffrage and be able to finance their work. And among them was a site where it’s thought that a small community lived.

Obviously, we observed that in this case there were financial problems. Which led to the needed fact of conducting a crowdfunding campaign. On the other hand, we have that based on this problem began to arise initiatives to finance archeology. Namely, they began to create platforms to finance archaeological projects.

DigVentures Crowdfunding Archaeology
DigVentures is a crowdfunding platform designed to finance archeology projects. It was founded in 2011 and is based in the United Kingdom. Source: DigVentures

Other archeology projects have been funded thanks to this. According to DiCYT, a Spanish project in Santa Eulalia de Tábara also opted for collective financing. It was a group of archaeologists who excavated a settlement from 2007 to 2011. And to continue with this work, they resorted to a crowdfunding campaign.

In other parts of the world they also began to use archaeological crowdfunding. According to La Brújula Verde, it’s known that the University College of London and the British Museum agreed to collaborate together. And they created MicroPasts, a crowdfunding platform for projects on archeology. And some of them have been successful.

MicroPasts Crowdfunding Archaeology
The main page of MicroPasts, one of the first platforms of archaeological crowdfunding in its style. Source: ResearchGate

Here we have several examples of crowdfunding driving archeology. It’s possible to understand why so many experts and adepts to this science require using this method of financing to boost their projects. We encourage the archeologist community to finance their projects in this way and continue discovering more secrets of humanity.

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Do you see how crowdfunding drove archeology?