Crowdfunding is always headed by great innovative ideas. That’s one of the reasons why it has become so popular. But where do these ideas come from? The truth is that they’re never born by themselves. From inventing a product from scratch to addressing a particular problem. Everything must be prepared and today we’ll explain how to develop your idea and turn it into a campaign.

How to develop your idea and turn it into crowdfunding

Perhaps this is the most complicated part of wanting to carry out a crowdfunding campaign. If an idea isn’t clear or is very difficult to understand, it’s unlikely that it’ll receive funding. After all, who would want to give money for a cause that’s not understood? That’s the importance of having a defined idea before putting yourself to work in a campaign.

Ideas aren’t limited only to entrepreneurships or innovations. Namely, you don’t necessarily have to develop an idea to create a new product or service. If there’s any particular reason that motivates you to need a crowdfunding campaign, you must also clearly define it. For this reason, we want to give you 5 tips so that you can develop your idea in the best possible way.

1. Ask yourself: “What do I need to finance?”

This would obviously be the first step you should take, but it’s not as simple as it seems. Knowing why you need money isn’t something that only includes you. It must be clear to anyone who enters your campaign and sees it. Whether you’re on your own or have a team, it would be good to take time to sit down and write.

idea financing crowdfunding
What is it that makes you want to create a crowdfunding campaign? Source: DMS & E-Volve Training

2. Describe your idea, write it

The previous step leads us to write. You can use the means you want, by hand with pencil and paper, or on a computer, etc. For example, if your idea is to finance the production of a film write what’s it about and what you need to do it. On the other hand, if what you want is to finance a medical treatment you must define who is the affected, what’s the disease is and how much money you need to obtain said treatment.

idea development crowdfunding
Take your time writing about your idea. Some of what you write will have to go in your campaign’s description. Source:

3. Don’t judge your idea but open yourself to change

Why write your idea? There are two reasons: one is to know what should be omitted or eliminated. And the other is to determine if there are aspects that you should change. Not all ideas are conceived in a single thought. Like a product, an idea must go through different versions until it reaches the definitive one. And don’t stay alone with your opinion, show your idea to others so they can make observations.

create draft description crowdfunding campaign
Write your idea and review it. Show what you have done to someone you trust and get opinions. Change or eliminate what you consider and keep what is relevant to you. Source: Marketing de Contenidos

4. Materialize your idea

This means that you must show your idea. Depict it, certify its existence and validity. In the event that you’re creating a product, you must create a functional prototype of it. If you’re financing a film, show audiovisual material that describes it (trailer, clips, reference images or photographs), etc. Or in the case of a medical treatment, an official document with the budget.

evidence idea crowdfunding
Do you have an idea? People need to see it and see that it is in your hands to do it. For this you must use evidence. Source: ICEMD

5. Once defined, think how you can show it

In this case, show and explain. You already have an idea and it’s already materialized. Now, when you create a crowdfunding campaign you must present it. Clearly, you must write a description and make a video. But what other means can you use to describe it? Think: photographs, GIFs, secondary videos, graphics and statistics, events, etc. Creativity is the key.

presenting idea crowdfunding
You’ll present your idea to potential contributors. Don’t skimp on creative ways to do it. Source: Business – Envato Tuts +

Developing your idea is an activity that seeks not only that you understand it. But that everyone can understand it too and create reasons to want to finance it. The process could be more complex depending on whether you’re looking to create a product or finance something simpler. But you should always ensure you’ve developed your idea so that you can turn it into a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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Develop your idea and launch a campaign!