Crowdfunding has become the first step for works of good charity or for new companies. Resorting to crowdfunding or donations has many advantages that lead to success and these are some figures that prove it.

Many in the Latin American continent ignore how much money crowdfunding moves. Currently, the collective financing market is on the rise and is already normalized in the United States and Europe, so we must take advantage of this growth to finance projects in Latin America.

For example, according to the BBVA portal, the amounts collected by different types of campaigns in 2018 could total some 7,990 million euros worldwide.

Data Showing the Advantages of Resorting to Crowdfunding 1

This also brings benefits at the job level. According to Fundly, collective financing has created more than 270,000 jobs thanks to successful campaigns. A way to collaborate in the social and economic stability of many communities.

The growth of crowdfunding in data

As we said earlier, crowdfunding is growing. According to Statista, crowdfunding is expected to grow by 43% compared to last year 2017.

Data Showing the Advantages of Resorting to Crowdfunding 2
Source: BBVA

On the other hand, it is projected that the collective financing I have a growth of 300 billion dollars by 2025. The good thing is that all this money will go to foundations and enterprises, collaborating in the success of many new and long businesses, creating a better world .

The success of crowdfunding and its campaigns

The money that collective financing has added to the global economy is 65 billion dollars, allowing several people to finance the causes that matter to them.

For Latin America, 85.74 million dollars have been raised to invest in different types of projects through crowdfunding campaigns. In other words, this continent has benefited from this type of financing.

Data Showing the Advantages of Resorting to Crowdfunding 3

Even for a country where they are starting in terms of alternative financing, positive results have been seen. In Colombia 372 projects have had some type of financing, of these projects 48% were completely financed by the Little Big Money platform, as indicated by the Crowdfunding portal in Colombia.

How to have a successful campaign?

Unfortunately not all crowdfunding campaigns are successful, in fact there is a 50% chance that a campaign will succeed. Other statistics indicate that two of three crowdfunding campaigns fail.

But everything is in the strategy and practices to have a campaign that reaches the goal. For example, campaigns that have a video are 80% more likely to be successful. Also those who meet 40% of their goal in the first week are more likely to raise the total amount.

Data Showing the Advantages of Resorting to Crowdfunding 4

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